Origami is the popular Japanese art of paper folding, which is used to make intricate designs. Explore the article to find some helpful tips on how to do origami crafts.

How To Do Origami

Origami is the art of paper folding. The name ‘Origami’ has stemmed from the Japanese words ‘oru’, meaning folding and ‘kami’, meaning paper. While there are only a small number of basic origami folds, they can still be combined in varied ways to make intricate designs. The Japanese paper crane is one of the most popularly known origami crafts. In china, independent paper folding traditions have existed before the origami crafts, though its origin is still traced to Japan. In case you wish to know some tips on how to do Origami, follow the article.
Origami Papers
Just about any kind of paper can be used to practice origami, though the origami paper is considered the best for this purpose. It is thinner than the other papers, but is sturdy enough to hold the creases nicely. Origami paper is usually cut into 6-inch squares and is black on one side and colored on the other.Individual sheets and packaged sets of origami paper can be availed from the stationery stores. You can also find the instruction books for beginners coupled with origami papers, which you can try to learn the craft better. Alternately, you can practice with a normal paper at home, which should be good at holding creases.
Folding Techniques
Basic to mathematically complex folding techniques are tried in making origami crafts. Valley fold is the most basic folding technique, which is as simple as folding the sheet of flat paper towards you. After making the crease and releasing the fold, the resulting lines resemble a shape similar to that of a valley. Mountain fold is the reverse of the valley fold, in which the paper is folded away from you and then turned over, so that a ridge is formed when the fold is released. These techniques are combined with other folds to create varied foundations from which one can make a complete range of origami designs. Typically called bases, the frog base, fish base, kite base and the bird base are the four most common bases.
Uses For Origami
  • You can string them fishing line, wire or colored thread along with beads to create mobiles
  • You can also keep them in the boughs of Christmas tree, along with other decorative accessories.
  • Origami crafts can be attached to gifts in place of ribbons and bows.
  • They can also be used to present gift cards and smaller gift items.
  • Origami crafts can be used as gifts on Valentine’s Day.
  • They can also be used as decorations in your living room.  
Tips For Doing Origami Crafts
Basic Origami Envelope 
  • Place the decorated side of your origami paper down and fold it in half diagonally.
  • As the top of the triangle faces you, fold one side of the triangle’s point downward to meet the bottom fold.
  • Fold inwards the right edge of the triangle, about 1/3 of the way.
  • Then, fold inwards the left edge of the triangle, about 1/3 of the way.
  • Now, fold its inner edge back to create a smaller triangle. Separate the pieces that are making up the smaller triangle. Pull the bottom corner to the middle of the envelope.
  • Flatten to create a small diamond shape.
  • Insert the letter into the envelope and fold the top slab of the envelope down.

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