Origami is both enchanting and creative craft for kids. Read more to learn how to make origami house, one of the basic shapes for beginners.

How To Make Origami House

By following the art of origami, you can just depict any of the objects, from simple geometric shapes to complex animals, flowers, and buildings. Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. In Japanese, the word ‘Ori’ means folding and ‘Kami’ means paper. The roots of origami can be found in ancient China, where it originated and passed to Japan by Chinese travelers. In ancient Japan, Samurai used origami to make paper gifts, which they exchanged with a strip of dried fish. This was considered a good luck token. With time, the art of origami has gained popularity across the world. Origami is both enchanting and creative craft for kids, especially if you can find origami crafts appropriate for their age. For beginners in origami, it is essential to start with basic shapes and folding patterns. Some basic patterns include origami boat, houses, frogs, and swans. Initially, starting with these patterns will give you the hang of origami craft. Once you have experienced the joy of simple origami, it will just take minutes to follow complex origami instructions and make desired shapes. Origami house is one of the basic, easiest, and popular shapes to start with. Here are the steps to help you make origami house.
Making Origami House
Easy Origami House
What You Will Need
  • Origami paper
  • Colors and markers 
How To Make 
  • Start with an origami paper with colored side facing down.
  • Fold the paper in half.
  • Now, open the paper up. You will get a centre crease.
  • Fold the top and bottom halves to meet the crease in the center.
  • Now, fold the paper in half.
  • Once again, open the folded paper. You will get one more center crease.
  • Now, flip the paper over and fold the right side to meet the crease (created in last step) in the center.
  • Next, fold the left side to meet the crease in the center.
  • Now, pry open the left corner.
  • Press it down, forming a triangular shape.
  • Repeat the same for top right corner
  • Now, flip the paper over to see your house!
  • Decorate and color, the way you like.
  • Your origami house is ready! 
Pop Up Origami House
What You Will Need
  • Origami paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Colored pencils 
How To Make 
  • Start with an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of origami paper.
  • Fold the construction paper in half to form a card
  • Now, draw two equal lines towards the fold of the card. The lines you draw don’t have to be perfect but ensure that they are of the same height.
  • Starting at the folded edge, cut along both the lines.
  • Fold the cut section back and crease it well along the edge with your fingers.
  • Now, return cut strip to its original position.
  • Open the card like a tent.
  • Now, using your thumbs, push through the cut strip to the other side of the card.
  • Next, close the card and press firmly.
  • Open your pop-up house!
  • Use crayons, markers, different paper shapes to decorate your Pop-up house! 
  • For origami craft, there is a special kind of paper available called origami paper. Once, you are done with practice on construction paper, try making them on origami paper. The origami paper is two sided and pre-cut into perfect squares. One side of the origami paper is white and other side is of a bright color. Use origami paper for making your crafts look more beautiful! 
  • When you are making an origami craft, it’s important to choose an appropriate place to work. The surface you are working on should be flat and hard, in order to attain even the sharpest creases possible. Avoid soft surface like pillows, couches etc.    

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