Cherish the moments spent with your beloved and relive experiences of beautiful times by indulging in love scrapbooking. Check out scrap booking ideas for lovers that you could make ue of

Love Scrapbooking Ideas

On a cozy Sunday morning, you settle with a hot cup of coffee with your loved one. The romantic, misty weather brings nostalgia of days when you were passionately in love. You begin the beautiful walk down memory lane in your mind. Like the mist in front of your eyes, you find the moments hazy in your mind too. You know there were many beautiful moments that both of you have experienced, but as time and age has passed by, they seem to have faded and need to be rekindled. You then remember the love scrapbook that you made years ago, containing your words, pictures, things, emotions, feelings and experiences all in a bundle. You are glad for this treasure and bring it out to share it with your loved one. You are reminded of the moments and experiences that come back to life. A love scrapbook is a collection or an album that stores anything and everything about your relationship. It can be highlights, turning points in your lives or even small events that touched your hearts warmly. No one should not miss this chance of capturing life’s beautiful moments. In case you are now looking for some love scrapbooking ideas, read on. 
Scrapbooking Tips For Lovers
What To Collect
A love scrapbook can be theme-based, a collection of romantic milestones; a compilation of daily experiences with your partner or even consisting of future plans, wishes and goals. 

How To Collect
A step-by-step process of creating a love scrapbook will involve the following: 
  • Firstly, decide whether the scrapbook will be theme-based or will be a broad collection.
  • Secondly, create a list of the significant events shared, which will increase as time passes.
  • Choose relevant memorabilia, such as photographs, cards, letters and other reminders of your love.
  • Select the design, layout and finishing touches. You can be creative and use unique materials like cloth, handmade paper or metal. You can improvise and try new things such as embellishments, embossing or stitching. This will add a personal and warm touch to a book that will treasure the priceless moments of your relationship. 
Theme Ideas
Some of the theme-based ideas could be:
  • ‘Story Of Our Relationship’
  • ‘Our First Ten Years Together’
  • ‘Our Plans For The Next Ten Years’
  • ‘The Things We Love About Each Other’
  • ‘Some Of Our Most Memorable Vacations’
  • ‘Our Song’ – with the lyrics
  • ‘Milestones In Our Relationship’
  • ‘Our Shared Secrets’
  • ‘Trials And Tribulations We Overcame With Love’
  • ‘Our Romantic Accounts’
  • ‘Some Of Our Funny Moments’
  • ‘First Time Experiences’ (such as your first date, first kiss, first movie or first vacation) 
Based on the theme or otherwise, the scrapbook can contain souvenirs such as photographs, love letters, notes and poems, greeting cards, chocolate wrappers, movie or bus tickets, restaurant and hotel receipts, a flower which has dried in time, a gift wrapper, and many other collectibles that remind of the beautiful times shared.
Additional Tip
  • A scrapbook on love can be about the love you share not only with your partner, but also with your family, friends, pets and even passionate hobbies that you wish to document.

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