Are you looking for some ideas for beaded Christmas ornaments? Read on for some great ideas.

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Have you always wanted to create your own beaded ornaments for Christmas, but just had no idea as to as to what to create? Give reign to your creative side with some simple ideas that will help you create eye-catching, stunning beaded Christmas ornaments. These will make your home more beautiful since it carries the essence of you as a person. If this is the first time you are trying to create your own beaded Christmas ornaments, you will need to have a good kit. These would, as a standard, include needles, beads, glue, thread and any other materials that pertain to each creative idea. Apart from being a great way to explore your creative side, beaded Christmas ornaments will give your children a chance to explore their creativity as well. Below are some ideas for beaded Christmas ornaments. 
Beaded Christmas Crafts
Toy Soldier
What You Need 
  • 7 Oval wooden beads
  • 5 Round wooden beads
  • 1 1/2 Pipe cleaners 
How To Make It 
  • Take a full pipe cleaner and bend it in half. Ensure that it does not break.
  • Thread one oval wooden bead half way down from the folded end.
  • Take the half piece of pipe cleaner and twist it in the middle so that it forms two arms. The twist should be just above the wooden bead.
  • From the folded end, thread on a small round wooden bead for the head of the toy soldier.
  • Use another oval bead for the hat and leave some of the thread of the folded pipe cleaner so that it can be hung from the Christmas tree.
  • For the arms, thread two oval beads and hold them back in place by bending the pipe cleaner back.
  • For the legs, spread the two ends of the pipe cleaner that are hanging below the body, apart. On each side, thread first a small round bead, followed by an oval bead and then another small round bead. Fold the ends of the pipe cleaner so as to hold the beads in place. 
Beaded Christmas Tree
What You Need 
  • Clear pony beads
  • Coloured pony beads
  • 5 green pipe cleaners 
How To Make It 
  • Twist the two ends of one of the pipe cleaners together so that it forms a circle.
  • Cut the remaining four pipe cleaners in half.
  • Take 7 of the pipe cleaner halves and bend the end of each of the halves around the base of the circle.
  • Thread each of the seven pipe cleaner halves with the clear as well as coloured beads. You can mix and match colours wherever you wish, so that you can make it unique. Leave space at the top of each of the pipe cleaners so that it can be wrapped around the top circle.
  • Take the last half remaining pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Twist both the ends together so that it will resemble a circle.
  • Wrap the ends of each of the seven pipe cleaners around this small circle so that it will form the shape of a tree.
  • String some ribbon on top of the tree and tie it into a knot. You can add any other decorations of your choice and use this as a tabletop Christmas tree decoration. 
Beaded Satin
What You Need 
  • Fabric paints
  • Small coloured glass beads
  • Satin finished ornaments
  • Small tray 
How To Make It 
  • Sketch a simple design on the ornament using fabric paint. These could be flowers, stars or just anything small and attractive, that will look good with beads.
  • Hold the ornament over a small tray and sprinkle the glass beads over the ornament. The beads will stick on to the ornament.
  • Hang up the ornament to dry and once it is dry, you could use it to decorate your Christmas tree.

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