Are you clueless when it comes to making a card for a man? Read on for some great ideas.

Handmade Card Ideas For Men

Creativity, sincerity and artistic sense – these are needed in order to create handmade cards. The happiness a person gets out of creating a handmade card is really fulfilling. However, the cards that can be made for men are quite different to what will please a woman. There are different types of cards that can be made. Some of these are invitation cards, greeting cards and cards for occasions. Decide as to what type of card you would like to make – consider the person, the occasion and your relationship with the person. By using the right kind of material and with proper knowledge, you will be able to make most of these cards at home. Making handmade cards needs a lot of creativity, artistic sense, and sincerity.
Card Ideas For Men 
Pop-Up Cards
These cards are a good idea to make for a birthday or a wedding anniversary.
How To Make It 
  • Cut a colored card into a rectangular shape.
  • Mark off the card in the middle and fold it in half.
  • With a pencil, mark two points on either side of the midpoint. Make small cuts and form a flap by pulling the cut portion inside the card.
  • Create a picture or a drawing, which you intend, should pop up when the person opens the card.
  • Stick the pop-up image on the lower portion of the flap. 
Embroidered Cards
These cards could be one of the best ideas you could come up with when making a card for a man.
How To Make It 
  • Get a sewing needle, embroidery floss and a heavy card stock.
  • Fold the card stock towards the back, and make holes a little distance away from the outline of the fold.
  • Thread the needle with the embroidery floss and begin threading the holes that you have made on the card in such a way that there is a loop created on the paper similar to a backstitch.
  • Switch colors as needed. Once you have finished, do not clip the thread. Rather, let it hang from the sides like tassels. 
Cards With Pencil Shavings
This is the easiest way in which you can make handmade cards for men.
How To Make It 
  • Sharpen a pencil and collect the long and unbroken pencil shavings.
  • Cut a colored card into a rectangular shape and fold it in half.
  • Trace a picture or design on to the card.
  • Glue the pencil shavings on to the card over the traced design into the shape of your choice. 
Cards With Crayons
This is a sure and impressive idea to create cards for men.
How To Make It 
  • Take high quality colored paper and cut it into a rectangular shape.
  • Draw or trace a picture on to the card and shade it with crayons. Use different colors to make it look bright and vibrant.
  • Add some interesting quotes on the first page (depending on the purpose of the card).
  • Add a margin on all pages of a card and color it with a dark color.

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