If drumming is your passion, then you have come to the right place. With this article, explore tips and learn how to play the drums. Practice is all that you would need to become a master drummer!

How To Play The Drums

Music is harmony and drums give it the rhythm that it requires. Experimental music can be considered sweet without the drums but no beats can be generated and no numbers can be made foot tapping without the quintessential drums, also called percussions. And percussions can be really fun, cool and very, very impressive. The amount of interest that a drummer attracts can be matched only by the lead guitarist, followed by everyone. So all you youngsters dreaming of being popular among the opposite sex, it is time to get those drums right. But it’s not all that simple too. More the interest your drums generate; better would have to be your skills, at keeping them timelessly alive. But before that, you’ve got to have the basics right. While actually playing the drums takes years of practice, whether or not you have an appetite for them can be gauged with some elementary practice. But even if you get disappointed or discouraged because you can't play them very well at first, don't give them up! Time, practice and experience yield the sweetest fruit and may make you what you want to be - the heartthrob drummer!
Playing The Drums
  • A natural flair for counting the rhythms in mind and a general idea of how they would sound is a must to start off a drumming career. People lacking basic rhythm knowledge cannot get a grasp of drums easily.
  • One must also be self motivating and passionate about rhythm and drumming to become a good drummer. You can learn the basics of drumming from schools, but further growth depends only on personal skills and new techniques that come with self learning and practice.
  • Creativity is the key. Look out of the box and follow your heart. Just because the world is going left doesn’t mean you have to follow. Go right if your heart says and don’t be different for the sake of being different. Be original!

Learn To Play The Drums

  • Learning to play percussions is not a dreamy or extra special deal - it is all about putting right number of rhythms and beats together and counting them in your mind and then transferring that count on to your drum set.
  • Always remember the basics and never forget that a 'bar' consists of four notes, which are always to be counted steadily and always in a proper rhythm.
  • Sticks are a part of the set. They contribute to music and should not be treated as weapons. Hold your sticks in a very relaxed, but firm manner. This kind of grip allows the drummer’s hand to move freely on the drum set.
  • Never start your drumming haywire. Always take a count of four before you hit the drums, where you take another count of four rhythmically. After this, use your right hand to hit the chokes, while still counting in your head.
  • Once you have a steady rhythm going on the chokes, hit the snare on alternate counting times with your left hand. For example, hit the chokes on all counts of four, while the snare has to be hit on the count of 1 and 3 or 2 and 4.
  • Next is the role of the bass pedal. You must hit the kick drum on 'one' count and then on three. Try playing the same beat for sixteen counts, and then hit the roll. In the roll, you may include the snare, tom-toms, and the floor drum, finally hitting the cymbal.

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