Rather than throwing away all the waste every day, it is time to start reusing them and go green. With this article, explore different ideas for handmade recycled handbags.

Recycled Handbags

With all the perfectly good, unique, and interesting materials available at your end, why use fresh materials to create new and creative handbags? How about carrying a recycled bag and making a statement, which makes everyone aware of environmental conscientiousness and individualism? You can either create a recycled handbag at home squeezing out all your imagination or get one from the market readily available these days. While making one at home, explore your entire home and you are sure to find plastic grocery bags, bottle caps, felted sweaters once forgotten in the dryer, rice sacks, juice boxes, and of course, your favorite pants with missing knees. If you are a handbag lover, it’s time to become more eco-friendly and replace the traditional black with the new ‘green’. Discover various ideas for making recycled handbags. Take a look!
Recycled Handbags Ideas
License Plate Purses
Those old and useless license plates are now gaining popularity and fame, all thanks to the eco-friendly steps towards saving the environment. They are as simple as wrapping license plates around hubcaps while the handles can be created from durable recycled rubber. Use old bottle tops to create clasps and voila, you have a cute recycled purse to flaunt at your upcoming party. Get lively and junky, with a twist, with this purse.
Sweetie Purses
All empty candy wrappers, potato chip bags and cookie packages that you often land up flinging around or dumping into the bin can be given a new look, only to be used for purchasing more of them. Yes, we are talking of recycling them into colorful clutches and shoulder bags. Use your imagination and innovation to fold up different colored and patterned wrappers to combine together and make a bag to suit your attire.
Recycled Necktie Handbag
If you assume all your old neckties to hold back in the closet, think again. Super trendy and colorful, collect a couple of them and make a useful purse to store you daily requirements, such as keys, lipstick, cash, credit cards, and IDs. Place several ties together and sew them overlapping one over the other, big enough to resemble a handbag. Make the flap with the broader end of one tie and secure it with a cute button, metal or magnetic snap.
Vintage Leather Handbag
What do you do with your leather jackets, pants, and other clothing when worn out? You throw them into the bin isn’t it? As expected, their fate is not anything different from a candy wrapper, right! This time, instead of trashing them, get green and use them to make unique and stylish handbags by creating various patterns and designs out of them. With all those unwanted and non-usable attire, you are ready to move out with a rich leather accessory boasting of your class.
Vinyl Billboard Bag
All those vinyl billboards and banners that we often see advertising different products and services have a very short life span after which they are joyfully dumped as waste. Pick up an attractive and colorful billboard and get ready to work on with your creativity to come with a unique patterned handbag that will last for years to come.

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