Wondering for baby food jar craft ideas for kids? If yes, then here are some tips on baby food jar crafts for you and your kids to explore. Read this article and pick the idea that appeals you most.

Baby Food Jar Crafts

Do you have kids at home who get bored during holidays and create all sorts of troubles for you? Incase your child is interested in crafts why not engage him/her with baby food jar crafts? This is a fun activity that will definitely interest your child. Crafts with baby food jar are not only interesting, but a productive way to use the empty jars that would have otherwise been thrown away. If a festive season or a holiday is round the corner, you can make use of these useless jars to decorate your home for the upcoming festivity. You can even handmade meaningful gifts for friends using these baby food jars. From tree ornaments to snow globes, there can be enormous craft items that can be made from empty baby food jars. Keep your kid occupied with this amazing craft. Even whole of your family can get involved in this rewarding project.
Baby Food Jar Craft Ideas
Christmas Tree Ornaments With Baby Food Jar
As Christmas is approaching, it is time to gear up for the holiday. This season why not try something else, and deck up your home with Christmas tree ornaments. Encourage your kid to get involved in this fun project. Collect all the empty baby food jars at home and remove their labels. If it is difficult to tear the labels, soak the jars in water that will help the label to come out smoothly. Get glass paints and brush to paint the jars in bright hues. You can even cut colorful art papers in different shapes to design the baby food jars. If your kids are fond of glitters, help them put glue on the jars and roll them over glitters. Next, create two holes on two sides of the jars so that you can put a string through the holes and your baby food jar is ready for hanging in the Christmas tree.
Candle Holders Using Baby Food Jars
A baby food jar can be utilized to make beautiful candle holders. Encourage your kids to decorate these miniature jars for holding tea lights or votive candles. Paint the jars in solid colors or with patterns. You may use acrylic pain for a transparent effect. To make it more dazzling, apply glue over the jar and roll it over glitters. Use colorful ribbon to tie around the jars and your candle holder is ready. To make it more customized, you can recycle old candles and make your own aroma candles.
Flower vase
Use your discarded baby food jars to make beautiful flower vase. Paint the jar in golden, apply green dough, and keep a bouquet of colorful silk thread flowers in this vase. You can also paint a motif to design your personal flower vase and your lovely centerpiece for your table is ready to get some admirations from your guests.
Jar Paperweights
You can even made nice paperweights with trash baby food jars. Fill the jar with colored sands so that you can have a pattern. Paint the outside wall of the jar with glass paints. Alternatively, you can also cut and paste photos to fit the side of the jar. Tie the top of the jar with colorful ribbon and then glue the lid onto the jar. Your jar paperweight is ready for use.

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