Who wouldn’t like a symphony of birds in their backyard? Explore the article to know about bird feeders for kids.

Bird Feeders For Kids

Who doesn’t want to hear the songs of birds around his home in the morning? Certainly, no one. At least not an aesthetic person! .Bird feeder is a device which is placed out of doors to supply food to birds. The device succeeds only when birds are attracted towards it by seeing its placement and the seeds put in it. Different species of birds have unique preference of bird feeder. Bird feeders are becoming very popular among children because children live in a world of innocence and these birds can be their best friends. It is also a great fun to watch the birds and learn about different species among them. You don’t need a lot of supplies to get started with this hobby. Instead of that, you can use the materials, found in your own home. A birdfeeder is a fantastic idea to attract lots of birds to your backyard or garden. Read on the article to know more about different bird feeders for children.
Easy Bird Feeders For Children

Milk Carton Feeders
This bird feeder can be made very easily by materials you can get from your home. You can take a milk carton and punch two holes through the top of it. Then run a string through the holes and tie the ends together to use as a hanger for your feeder. Then you can cut out the front of the bottle. You should make sure that you cut a few inches up from the bottom of the milk carton towards the top. It is important to leave enough space in the base for filling your feeder. You should make the bottle’s opening big because the birds should be able to reach inside it, however, you should also make sure that it is not too big that the food may fall out easily from it. 

Pine Cone Feeder
Pine cone feeder is considered as the simplest bird feeder and all one need to make it, is a pine cone, strings and some food. First of all, you have to tie the string to the top of the pine cone and make sure that it is tied very strong. It shouldn’t fall even when a red headed woodpecker lands on it. Then you should cover the pine cone with different types of food for the birds such as seeds, leaves, roots, fruit, nuts, etc. You can also put some peanut butter and roll the cone in seeds so it may stick to the peanut butter. 

Ground Feeder
Some kinds of birds don’t like to sit on a small feeder and they prefer food on the ground. One can feed these birds with a tray or aluminum pie plate filled with seeds or grains. In this kind of a bird feeder, the bird food plays a major role in attracting the birds. Cracked corn is a fantastic seed for these bird feeders as it also helps to weigh the plate down so it wouldn’t blow away. 

String Feeders
Thread and needle are two things with which you can make different kind of bird feeders. The only thing you should be careful is that the thread should be doubled up to keep it strong. Then you have to string some pop corn, raisin, cranberries with it. You can make a long string of food to wrap it around tree branches or around a railing.

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