Writing a screenplay not just requires the aptitude for it, but also a disciplined and laborious effort. Read the article for some useful tips on how to write a screenplay.

How To Write A Screenplay

A screenplay or script is a written piece of work that is, especially, written for a film or television program. A screenplay can be purely original or can be adapted from the existing pieces of writing. The format of a screenplay is structured in a style that one page amounts for one minute of the screen time. Action and Dialog are the major components of screenplay. The “action” is to be written in the present tense and the “dialogue” are the lines that the characters are supposed to speak. The standard font for writing a screenplay is 12-point courier. In case you are wondering how to write a screenplay, follow the article to find some helpful tips on the same.
Tips For Writing A Screenplay
  •  While writing a screenplay, it is important to follow the industry guidelines for your screenplay formatting.
  • Keep it plain and simple. You need not jazz up the screenplay with pretty pictures, handwriting and special binding. Just remember that you have to show your ability as screen writer and that is all you should focus upon.
  • When writing the screenplay, always remember that it’s not a novel that you are writing. You should be as precise and to the point, as you possibly can.
  • Do not write in camera angles or music montages, unless you also plan to direct the movie on your own. If you are restricted to just screenplay, the other jobs are to be left for the director.
  • You would do well for yourself by investing in a good screenwriting software program. Also, read some of the good screen writing magazines and books. You can also attend local screenwriting workshops to know your trade better. This will help you in gaining some experience which can be effectively used when you write the screenplay.
  • Rewrite the screenplay till the time you are not completely satisfied with your work. Even the top notch screen writers are known to rewrite their screenplay 10-20 times before churning out the final draft.
  • Try to read as many screenplays as you can. Reading the works of other successful screenplay writers will help you to get a grasp on how to write a screenplay.
  • Once you are done with writing the screenplay, write a one sentence synopsis, called a logline, which should act like a mission statement. If you find it difficult to write the logline, it means that you need to re-evaluate your story as it might be too broad.
  • You can’t afford to commit spelling errors and grammatical blunders in the screenplay. Check thoroughly for grammatical errors. The spell checking software is not foolproof and you can’t rely on it. Proof read on your own, and also ask others to poof read for you.
  • At last, always remember the golden rule: Don’t tell what the characters are doing, show it!

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