Writing lyrics for a song is all about communicating your ideas musically. With the tips given in this article, you will learn how to write good lyrics and create an impact on your listeners.

How To Write Good Lyrics

A song is a compilation of emotions, feelings, ideas or messages, expressed in the form of words and accompanied with music. Music is said to be the essence of a song. However, lyrics play an equally important part in conveying what you want to say. Good lyrics can touch the soul of the people. Writing good lyrics is not as easy as listening to them. You need to make the most appropriate selection of words to create a lasting impact on your listeners. In order to assist you in the task, we have provided a number of tips in this article, following which you will learn how to write good lyrics.
Lyric Writing Tips 
  • Study the work of lyricists whose songs you love listening to. There may be a pattern, which your favorite lyricist follows while writing. By observing the way he/she uses themes, metaphors, similes and elements in the lyrics, it will be easier for you to accomplish the task.
  • After you are through with the process of observation, it is the time to find a space for yourself, where you can write well. Choose a place that is perfect for you to transfer the ideas in your mind, into words. Most of the people like to write lyrics in solitude.
  • Consider the audience for whom you are writing lyrics. This will help you in making the right choice of words.
  • Consider the situation of the song. The feelings expressed in the lyrics will vary from one subject to the other. The situation of the song will tell you how you should express the ideas or message.
  • Nowadays, lyrics are provided after the tune for the song has been composed. In such case, you need to take care of the tune while penning down the words. The selection of words, here, will depend upon the rhythm or beats of the song.
  • Write the first paragraph/verse of your song. While creating the opening for your song, remember that it should sound attractive and make the listeners want to hear it repeatedly.
  • Go about writing the lyrics for the next two or three paragraphs. The following paragraphs should be a continuation of the ideas that you have expressed in the previous one.
  • The last verse of your song should provide a conclusion to your thoughts. Sum up the ideas narrated in the previous stanzas.
  • Whether your emotions are expressed in three paragraphs or the song is lengthier, you need to create a link between each stanza. For this, you may either include chorus in between the verses or allow the background music to play the role. Write two or four catchy lines for the chorus, if needed.
  • Have a last glance on the lyrics and refine them.

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