Ribbon headbands are great fashion accessories for people of all ages and making them is very easy as well. Learn steps on how to make a ribbon headband.

How To Make Ribbon Headbands

Have you seen people wearing ribbon headbands? There are different types of such headbands and they come in a wide range of patterns, sizes and material. They are colorful, bright, vibrant, and give the wearer an aura of youth and freedom. Ribbon headbands are a fashion accessory not just for babies, but also for older children, adolescents and young adults. A properly made and well matching headband can give even the most basic outfit a great look and make you look unique. The options for ribbon headbands are endless, so you can find numerous designs to suit your preferences. While people normally choose satin ribbon, you can also experiment with beads, nylon, elastic, lace, velvet or crochet.
Making a ribbon headband is a project that you can easily undertake at home and save yourself a lot of time and money. Apart from the money-saving aspect, making ribbon headbands could become a great hobby.  The entire process takes only around 20 minutes to complete and is not very difficult. The following steps show you how to make basic ribbon headbands. You can, however, make changes to this as well, to create your own unique pattern. 
Making A Ribbon Headband 
Things Needed 
  • 24 inches of ribbon, satin or velvet
  • 4 inches of elastic, around ¼-inch wide
  • Needle
  • Plain Thread
  • Multi-colored Embroidery Thread
  • Colored Beads
  • Anti-fray Solution
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Using the tape measure, measure your head at the portion where you will be wearing the ribbon headband. You will need to measure it right around.
  • Measure the ribbon to the length that is needed, and cut it. When cutting the ribbon, cut it so that it is around two inches shorter than the head measurement that you have taken.
  • You can coat the ribbon with anti-fray solution, to keep it from fraying. Another option would be to neatly hem in the ends, so that it does not fray.
  • Allowing the elastic to overlap about half an inch, attach the elastic to one end of ribbon. Tie strong knots while sewing, in order to ensure that the elastic or the ribbon does not slip out of place.
  • Fit the ribbon headband over your head, to test whether the fit is right. If it is too tight or too loose, make appropriate adjustments, so that it fits well.
  • Sew the other end of the elastic to the ribbon, again using tight knots, so that the ribbon is held in place.
  • Use the embroidery thread to create beautiful designs on the borders of your headband.
  • Sew on the beads along the middle of the headband, in any design of your choice.
  • Your ribbon headband is ready!

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