Hair bows form an important part of a girl’s ensemble and making it is quite simple. Read this article to get instructions on how to make a simple hair bow.

Instructions For Making Hair Bows

A hair bow forms a very important part of a girl child’s formal or semi-formal ensemble. Just like a tiara that adorns a princess’s head, a hair-bow is designed to beautify the hair of a little girl or even a young lady. Hair bows can be made out of a variety of fabrics, but the most popular fabric for hair-bows happens to be satin. These bows can be of a single color or multi-hued and are normally made to match the rest of the wearer’s ensemble. They can be made in a variety of patterns as well.
Out of the wide variety of hair bows, the most common ones are tuxedo bows and pinwheel bows. You can also find pompom bows and starburst bows adorning the hair of girls. Making these types of bows can be a little tricky and lengthy as well, for the beginners. Hence, we recommend you to make a simple hair bow for your girl child, to begin with. Nonetheless, you can bring in a lot of variations to the hair bow, by accessorizing it with suitable add-ons. Read on to get instructions for making hair bows.
Things Needed 
  • A piece of Fabric, preferably satin
  • A piece of Elastic
  • A Clip or Bobby Pin
  • Needle and Thread 
  • First, take the rectangular satin fabric. Fold it inside-out, lengthwise, in a hot-dog style.
  • Use needle and thread to sew away the long edge of the folded satin.  
  • Now, turn the fabric’s right side out.
  • Fold the two edges of the satin fabric on the opposite ends, inwards, at the center, so that they meet. Stitch them in this position. 
  • Next, take the elastic piece and stitch it to a small chunk of fabric. Then, twist the elastic around the middle of the bow. Clip away the extra elastic.
  • Get a clip or bobby pin and slide one side under the elastic.
  • Your simple hair bow is now ready for use. 
  • You may make additional loops in your bow, to make them look fuller and even more beautiful.
  • In order to accessorize the hair bow, you may make use of small accessories such as hearts, silk daisies or anything else that complements the bow as well as your overall look. For the purpose, all you need to do is hot-glue the required accessory onto the center of the bow or to its side. Allow the bow to dry completely, before your adorn your hair with it.
  • While using accessories for the bow, make sure that they perfectly match the color of the hair bow, the attire of the person for whom you are making the bow as well as the size of the bow.
  • To give a personalized touch to the hair bow, you may make use of a mix and match of the favorite colors of the person, who will use it as an embellishment.

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