If you want to make decorative bows on your own, the instructions given in this article will be perfect for you. Go through this article and know how to tie a decorative bow.

How To Tie A Decorative Bow

When it comes to decorations, be it on a gift package, Christmas tree or the front door, bows are amongst the first things that come into mind. They add a special touch to theembellishments. On top of that, if the bows are handmade, you can be sure that no other adornment will be as adorable as them. Making a decorative bow is a fairly simple task, which neither takes too much time, nor is too expensive. In the following lines, we have provided complete instructions on how to tie a decorative bow.
How To Make Decorative Bows
Things Needed 
  • Craft Ribbons
  • Gift Ribbons
  • Greeting Cards
  • Cellophane Tapes
  • Floral Wires
  • Scissors 
  • Cut a 45-inch length of ribbon, from the roll, and measure approximately 6 inches from the end.
  • Mark the spot with your left thumb and forefinger. Now, with your right hand, fold the next 6 inches of ribbon, so that it makes a 3-inch loop that ends at your left thumb and forefinger.
  • With your left thumb and forefinger, secure the loop at its base.
  • At the opposite end, measure 6 inches and make a similar loop measuring 3 inches. Now, you have two opposing loops and two tails.
  • The next step would be to make a 4 inch loop, using 8 inch lengths of ribbon, next to the two 3-inch loop at both ends.
  • Once you have made these loops, add it by folding it up and toward the center, rather than under.
  • Now, take a separate 9-inch length of ribbon and make a pair of 4½-inch loops.
  • The next step would be to take a third ribbon of 10-inch lengths, to make a pair of 5-inch loops.
  • Now, take a floral wire about 20 inches in length, between your left thumb and the ribbon loops. Make sure that the wire is placed in such a way that it is equal on both sides of the ribbon bundle.
  • With your right hand, twist the equal halves of the bow at the back, four to five times. If you want you can cut the excess wire or use it for fixing the bow to the gift package or anything else.
  • Now, all you need to do is arrange the bow loops according to your liking. Make sure you trim the ribbon tails by making diagonal cuts across the ribbon ends. The decorative bow is ready!

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