Igloo models are fun to make. Go through the article, to learn how to build your own igloo model, in a few easy steps.

How To Build Igloo Model

The term igloo, or iglu, has been derived from an Inuit word ‘Igdlu’, which means ‘house’. The people of Artic used to live in igloos, which were made of snow. While these people lived in tents during the summer, for the harsh chilly winters, they built temporary shelters called igloos. In literal terms, igloo is a dome-shaped dwelling that is made by blocks of snow, placed in an ascending spiral, with the entrance in the form of a tunnel. If you are wondering how these cute homes were created, this is just the article for you. Given below are the steps that would let you know how to build an igloo model.
How To Make A Model Igloo
Materials Required
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Salt
  • Baking Tray
  • Water
  • ‘Slushie Mix’ (ice cubes and a bit of water) 
  • The first step would be to ensure that you have plenty of ice cubes. About 50 ice cubes, of varying sizes, would be required for making an igloo model. For this, fill some of the trays completely with water; let some be half-full and the rest three-quarter full.    
  • Sprinkle some salt on a tray and arrange about 12 ice cubes in a circle.
  • Now, put the tray back in the freezer, so that the ice cubes solidify.
  • After some time, take out the tray and add a second layer of ice to the igloo. Remember, to dip one of the sides of the ice cubes into salt before layering them. Put the dipped side down, with one cube between two base cubes.
  • In the gaps, pour some slushie mix so that it fills up. Now, refreeze the tray. Slushie mix is prepared by blending ice, along with some ice.
  • Repeat the process until a dome is created. Ensure that you have kept the larger cubes at the base and smaller ones as you go up.
  • Continue until you have just a small hole in the centre of the top of the igloo. Refreeze from time to time, so that the ice does not melt.
  • For the doorway, line up two rows of ice cubes sideways. This will make the walls.
  • For the top of the wall, place smaller ice cubes on top of the walls. Fill the gaps with slushie mix.
  • Once the igloo is made, apply a thin layer of slushie mix as an ‘icing’ over the whole igloo.
  • Place the igloo in the freezer for a couple of hours.

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