If you want to know how to build/ make an igloo, read the article given below. Check out the tips for building an igloo.

How To Build An Igloo

Igloo is basically an arch building, which is made up of snow. It is a dome shaped structure, which is used as a residence by Eskimos. In case it is snowing and you are feeling bored sitting at home, warm yourself up by building an igloo with your friends. Gather some friends and you can have real adventure, while everyone else is sitting huddled in their houses. Now, in case you are wondering how to build an igloo, you can utilize the tips given below for your reference. This way you can thrill yourself by experiencing the life of Eskimos, who live in Antarctica.
Things Required 
  • Snow shovel
  • Ice Axe / Pick
  • Hand shovel
  • Hand-held ice saw
  • Proper clothing
  • Lots of clean snow 
How to Make an Igloo 
  • Make some even-sized block molds.
  • Nail four old boards together to form a rectangular box shape, without a top or bottom.
  • Make two boxes of different sizes i.e. one small and one big.
  • Find a large open area, covered with lots of snow.
  • Clear a flat spot on the snow-covered ground and mark out a circle shape.
  • With the help of your molds, make snow blocks by filling the large mold onto a flat board and forcefully packing snow into it.
  • To pack the snow tightly together, sprinkle some water on it, if it is too dry.
  • After the snow bricks are made, stack bricks in a circle.
  • Make a new row of the large blocks around your circle. Ensure that the joints are smooth and even.
  • You can force loose snow in to fill up the cracks and crevices, as the igloo is built.
  • The second layer of the large blocks should be placed on top of the first, laying each block above the joint of the ones underneath.
  • With each row, move the brick slightly in, so that the walls dome inward.
  • The first course of the snow blocks should be thicker and the thickness of the walls should gradually decrease toward the top. However, this holds true for a 6 or 7 feet high house above the ground. For a higher house, the walls should be thicker up till the middle.
  • Once you have completed the dome, you will need to cap it with a single piece.
  • Cut a cap brick that is of the required size, preferably larger than the hole on top of your igloo.
  • With the help of two people, lift the brick up and set it on top of the igloo.
  • From inside the igloo, trim the cap to make it fit into the hole.
  • Fill the cracks and holes with snow and pack it as tightly as possible.
  • Construct an arched entrance tunnel just like the main hut.

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