While the solar system always has always been exciting, you can make it more exciting by building your own. Read on to find how to make your own model solar system.

How To Make A Model Solar System

Are you wonderstruck with the solar system? Does astronomy still rule over your mind? Then why not create your own solar system! It may sound absurd to you, but it is definitely possible to have your own ‘Space’. The solar system, complete with the sun, nine planets, their satellites, stars, asteroids and comets, is an exciting creation not only for the kids who have just opened their geography books, but also for people at large. It is equally exciting to build your own solar system. The model solar system makes your knowledge more profound as you will go to the depths of it, rather than having a surface understanding. Read on to know how to build a model of solar system.
How to Make a Model Solar System
Materials Required:
  • Acrylic Paint, in a variety of colors
  • Paint Brush
  • 1 inch Plastic Foam Ball
  • 1 ¼ inch Plastic Foam Ball
  • 1 ½ inch Plastic Foam Ball
  • 2 inch Plastic Foam Balls (two)
  • 2 ½ inch Plastic Foam Balls (two)
  • 3 inch Plastic Foam Ball
  • 4 inch Plastic Foam Ball
  • 6 inch Plastic Foam Ball
  • Package of Pipe Cleaners, in assorted colors
  • 18 inch wooden dowel rods, each 1/4-inch diameter (two)
  • Clear Fishing Line
  • Small Paper Clips
  • Clear Glue 
  • The first step is to paint the plastic foam balls according to what planet they are representing. Sun is painted yellow, while Mars is painted red. Assign each planet a color and color the ball which is placed on their position.
  • The balls to be placed for each of the planet should be according to their size. Sun-6 inch ball, Mercury-1¼ inch ball, Venus-2 inch ball, Earth-2         inch ball, Mars-1½ inch ball, Jupiter-4 inch ball, Saturn-3 inch ball, Uranus-2½ inch ball, Neptune-2½ inch ball and Pluto-1 inch ball.
  • The next step is to tie the dowels with the fishing line to form X shape. It is this outline from where the sun and the planets will hang down.
  • Put the pipe cleaners in such a way that they encircle Saturn and Uranus like rings, as both the planets have rigs around them.
  • The next step is to choose how far you want the sun to hang from the X-shaped wooden hanger. Accordingly, you will have to cut the fishing line of the length and bind one end to a paper clip.
  • Slot the paper clip into the sun and support it by glue. When the glue has set, tie the other end of the line around the middle of the hanger.
  • In the same way, cut 9 more pieces of fishing line in the same size as you have for the sun. Have some variety in the length from the base from which they are hanging. For example, if your sun hangs down 10 inches, you may want 3 of your planets to hang 9 inches, 3 more to hang 11 inches and the last 3 to hang 10 inches.
  • You must tie one end of each string to a paper clip and insert it into a planet and support it with glue. Position Uranus in such a way so that its rings encircle the planet vertically.
  • Arrange planets according to their position from the sun. Place Mercury closest to the Sun and Pluto farthest from the Sun and all the rest of the planets in between them as per their order. Also make sure you hang them on different dowels, so that they are visible.

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