Serving Scotch whiskey in the proper way is very essential to enhance its taste and aroma. With the tips given below, know how to serve Scotch whiskey.

How To Serve Scotch Whisky

Whisky is one of the alcoholic beverages found in most of the drinking parties. An alcoholic drink distilled out of fermented grain mash, whisky is manufactured in many countries, the most popular being the one produced in Scotland. The beverage produced there is termed as Scotch whisky. It is simply known as ‘Scotch’ as well, due to its origin. Considered one of the high-end whiskies, Scotch forms one of the main drinks in a cocktail party.
Many people keep Scotch whisky as a part of their menu because of its smooth taste and peculiar aroma. While it is one of the chief drinks served in a party, many people do not know how to serve it. In effect, serving style can have a profound effect on the taste as well as the aroma of Scotch whisky. Keeping this in mind, we have provided the proper way to serve Scotch, in the lines below. Following them will ensure that your serving style adds to the experience of drinking Scotch.
Serving Scotch Whisky 
  • The best way to serve Scotch is ‘on the rocks’. In other words, you should not add anything to it, before serving. Just pour it in a glass, directly over the ice cubes. Scotch lovers believe that adding anything to the drink masks its smooth taste and rich aroma.
  • If you are serving single malts, it is advisable to use a large bowl for the same. The glass will usually taper up to a narrow neck, while its lip will be flared. While the bowl captures the aroma of Scotch, the narrow neck directs it to your nose.
  • Scotch whisky can also be served in a snifter. The glass is characterized by a wide base and a wide mouth and is smaller than a wine glass. It has a slight taper towards the mouth, which directs the focus of the person on the drink’s aroma. Make sure that the snifter is clean, so that the person drinking it can get a clear view of the drink and appreciate it as well.
  • In case you aren’t serving neat Scotch, you can keep soda or water alongside, in a separate beaker, to act as the mixer. By doing so, those people who do not want to have the drink neat, would be given the choice of adding the desired liquid.
  • You can make use of carbonated cool drinks as a mixer for Scotch. Coke is the most preferred mixer, other than water and soda, for Scotch whiskey.
  • In case you are serving water along with Scotch, make sure to use only spring water, because it is purer than other types of water and would have the least effect on the taste and aroma of the drink. Moreover, experts insist on the use of spring water, because the chlorinated taste and smell of tap water will distort the aroma and rich taste of Scotch.
  • For those who find Scotch to be too strong alone, you can serve cocktails. There are a large number of cocktails that are made with scotch, just check out online or in a recipe book.

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