Drinking Scotch whisky can be an endearing experience, provided you follow the right tips. Go through this article and know how to drink Scotch whiskey.

How To Drink Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky is said to have its own taste and aroma. The whisky is named after the place it is manufactured i.e. Scotland, where the tradition of making the whisky is considered an art, passed down from generation to generation. Scotch whisky is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, mainly for its unique flavor and aroma. Though there is no specific way of drinking scotch whiskey, you can relish the aroma of the drink completely if you follow some basic tips. Thus, if you wish to savor the drink at its best, with all it has to offer, read the drinking tips provided below.
Tips on How to Drink Scotch Whisky
  • One of the first and foremost requirements for drinking a Scotch whiskey is a good glass. The tulip glass is considered to be the best choice, as it focuses the aromas and dashes the spirit onto the tongue, in a wide fashion.
  • As per your experience and desire, pour yourself a dram. The amount can vary from half an ounce to two ounces.
  • After this, tilt and turn the glass to coat its sides with the whisky. This way, the surface area increases, permitting greater evaporation, thereby enhancing the aroma. Note the consistency while the whisky sticks to the sides of the glass.
  • Usually people prefer having neat Scotch and avoid adding water, as it lessens its flavor. Yet, adding water depends on the strength and style of the whisky as well as the choice of drinker. However, avoid adding tap water to Scotch, as it may contain chlorine and/or dissolved minerals, which will interfere with the taste. The best bet is to go for bottled Scottish mineral water.
  • To enjoy the aroma of Scotch, gently agitate it for few minutes, which will blend the water well with the whisky, releasing additional aromas. Please be patient while adding water to the whisky, as it takes considerable time for the two to get completely married.
  • Gently take a sip, enough to coat your mouth. Slowly swirl it around your tongue, feeling its consistency. Try and immerse your tongue completely into the drink so that it plays with all your taste buds. This is known as the ‘mouthfeel’, which is highly essentially if you wish to enjoy Scotch.
  • For a better feel of the taste, hold the whisky in your mouth for sometime to sense all the different flavors.
  • Now, slowly gulp it down. Do not open your mouth or close your throat. With this, let in a small amount of air through your mouth and breathe through your nose as the fumes rise up into your sinuses. This is the final stage of feeling different flavors and is referred to as the ‘finish.’ After the aromas subside, breathe normally.

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