Making a shadow box and using it to display all the special collectibles in your house is an excellent idea. To know how to build/make a shadow box, make use of this article.

How To Build A Shadow Box

Home is the place which serves as our haven, sanctuary, rejuvenation place, rendezvous, and so on. It is the place where you come back to, after undergoing a hard day of work. It is the place where you invite your friends, have parties and celebrate the special moments of your life. It is obvious that you would like to decorate your house with various embellishments, to make it look beautiful and inviting. Amongst other adornments are the various collectibles, medals, etc, which always remind you of the special moments in your life. Such special things deserve a special place to be displayed, right! How about a shadow box? It will add that extra trimming to those memorable items. To help you understand the process of making a shadow box, we have provided some ideas in the lines given below. Just read them and know how to make a shadow box.
How to Build a Shadow Box
Items Needed
  • Hammer/ Screwdriver
  • Nails/ Screws
  • Pine Wood
  • Plywood
  • Saw
  • Stain/ Paint/ Varnish 
  • Cut two rectangular/square pieces, of the same size, from pine wood, for making the top and bottom pieces. The size of the pieces will depend upon how wide you want the box to be. The usual size of a shadow box is 1” by 4” or 1” by 6”.
  • Thereafter, you will have to cut side pieces from the pine wood. The length of the pieces will depend upon the height of the box.
  • Lastly, you need to cut a piece from the plywood, of the size that will fit in the back of the shadow box.
  • With the help of nails or screws, fix the plywood piece into the back of the shadow box.
  • Now, screw the cut side pieces to the top and bottom pieces, cut out from the pine wood. The better side of the wood should be facing outward, as it is the one that will more visible.
  • Cut molding to go around the top and bottom of the shadow box.
  • With the help of stain, paint or varnish, give the desired color and look to your shadow box.
  • Next, fix the shadow box to the wall. The best way to do this is to anchor the box to a beam in the wall, since the box will be quite heavy.
  • Last, but not the least, display all the special collectibles and medals in your own, handmade shadow box.

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