Find out simple tips on how to build a xylophone.

How To Make A Xylophone

You have an earnest desire of becoming a musician and your mom is not ready to bring a musical instrument for you. You ask your dad but he tells you to take permission of your mom. So what should you do now? We could help you with making your own xylophone. And you can make this xylophone with just collecting some household things which are many a time considered useless. Even if you have to buy, these things won’t come expensive. So, just follow us, make your own xylophone and please your mom, dad and friends with its sweet music. May be they would gift you with any other sweet sounding gift.
What is Xylophone
The xylophone is a type of percussion instrument. If the bars are made of metal, the instrument is called a metallophone. An instrument with bars made of rocks is called lithophone. Xylophone is a fun instrument because of fun-filled nature with its sounds. Just looking at the xylophone makes you think that you could easily make it yourself.
How to Make a Xylophone
Making a xylophone is an easy task. You should just know how to make it. Just gather the necessary things and start making it.
What You Need
  • PVC pipes of different lengths
  • Two boards
  • String
  • A mallet 
Sit down with PVC pipes of different lengths right in front of you. Now cut the boards to make a good supporting frame. Fit the PVC pipes side by side on the frame starting with the longest and ending with the shortest. For extracting the best sound, allow a little less than a third of each pipe to extend off the frame. Carefully place all the pipes on the frame. When you are done with task properly, tie the pipes on the frame with string. Your xylophone is ready.
For higher notes, cut the pipes shorter, while for lower notes, pipes have to be longer. You are at liberty of setting the pipes as you wish.
How to Play

Play your xylophone by hitting the pipes with the mallet.

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