Add a warm glow to your home by making some colored and scented homemade candles. Explore this article to find easy and creative candle making ideas.

Candle Making Ideas

Gone are those days when candles were used only as a mere source of light and heat. Candles have, drastically, taken over their traditional uses and are now one of the best selling products across the globe. Be it for decorating homes, soothing our senses, carrying out religious and spiritual rituals, gifting family and friends, or inducing some romantic intimacy—candles have them all. While you can find loads of different varieties of candles flooded in the markets, why not make a few attractive ones at home? Not only will they be easy to make and inexpensive on pocket, but you will just love the fun and enjoyment that goes into their making. Moreover, these customized candles will beautify your environ and make your special events or occasions all the more special. Continue browsing through the lines below to find some creative ideas for making unique and decorative candles at home. Take a look!
Ideas For Making Homemade Candles
Gel Candles
Beautiful, easy to light and slow burning are the characteristics of a gel candle that make it one of the most sought-after candles in the market. For making gel candles, get hold of the raw materials required for their making, such as gel, deep coloring dye, zinc wick, glue, fragrant oils, embeds (optional), stainless steel pot and candle container (champagne glass). With the help of warm glue, stick the zinc wick at the bottom of the candle container. Carefully roll the wick round a pencil or stick to keep it upright. Melt the gel pieces in the stainless steel pot on medium flame. Once the gel has liquefied, add enough coloring dye till you get your desired color. In case you are adding embeds, use less of coloring dye so as to make them noticed. Add ½ a teaspoon of fragrant oils per glass of melted gel. Place the candle container in the oven and heat at 150 degrees F. Dip embeds in hot gel and line them along the sides of the container. Pour the gel into the container while it is still hot. Keep the container aside to allow the gel to cool down. Trim the excess wick and voila! You are done with your unique gel candle.
Scented Candles
Scented candles are best used for decorating homes and gifting others on special occasions. Apart from their decorative characteristics, these scented candles exude wonderful aroma and fragrance. For making a scented candle at home, gather the necessary supplies, such as candle wax (paraffin wax), candle molding container, coloring dye, candle scent (liquid or solid), wick, wax thermometer and stainless steel pot. Transfer the candle wax into the stainless steel pot and melt it on medium flame. Meanwhile, place the wick in the center of the candle molding container and roll it over a long stick to keep it straight. To the melted wax, add coloring dye and stir to blend evenly. Add the desired amount of candle scent to the wax and pour it into the candle molding container. Keep the container untouched to cool and set the candle wax. After the candle has hardened, remove it from the mold. Your scented candle is ready for use. 

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