What makes poetry important in our lives and society? Is it important also or not? Explore this article to know the significance of poetry and poems.

Importance Of Poetry

Christopher Fry couldn’t have been more right when he said “Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement”. The quote perfectly describes the importance of poetry in a human being’s life. A type of communication and expressiveness in a written form, poetry liberates one from sufferings, oppression and suppression on one hand, while revealing love, happiness and pleasure on the other. Though poetry, for some, can be source of income or fame, but for others, it is more than that. Not a career, or a passion, or a form of entertainment, it is an altogether different lifestyle for a passionate poet. Poetry is just another way to express one’s thoughtfulness and desires and letting the rest of the world to be aware of the same. 
Significance Of Poems & Poetry
Voices Your Thoughts
A person is constantly involved in thinking a variety of things. Through poetry, one can lend voice to one's thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Often, poetry is the resultant of misunderstandings that a person often undergoes. The anger, frustration and agony are revealed through penning down the different expressions one feels at that moment. Poetry allows you to visualize things from the eyes of the writer, thus marking the importance of writing poetry.
Reveals Reality
Real people, or precisely real poets, write poetry to express their real emotions which are otherwise difficult to reveal in words. Emotions and sentiments that we would be feeling at one time are penned by some poet around the world, at some other time. While we prefer confining those emotions in our heart, poets pour them out in the form of poetry. Thus, poems allow us to look beyond the surface. This is usually done by using metaphors or other abstract ways, thus provoking you to think deeply on the meaning engulfed in them.
Expresses Beauty
Poetry is another form of expressing beauty and revealing your feelings. A fancy art in itself, poetry incites a person to see beyond the missing bells and whistles that have been deliberately removed from the poetry. This forces readers to concentrate and imagine the words that would perfectly fit in the poetry, so as to complete the unsaid thoughts.
Depicts Historical Events
Poetry has been in existence since ages. Poems from the ancient historical eras give us a glimpse of the previous generations, right from depicting historical events to the primeval lifestyles. The thoughts and feelings of the oldies are depicted to us. What was considered beautiful, important or even profound, is clearly stated to us through those poems.
Succinctly, the importance of poetry is best revealed through a John Keats quote which states, “Poetry should... should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts, and appear almost a remembrance.”

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