Making your own bundt cake candles at home is perfectly possible and indeed quite easy. Browse through the instructions provided in this article and know how to make a bundt cake candle.

Make A Bundt Cake Candle

When it comes to table decoration, a centerpiece is amongst the first things that come to your mind. It can make even an ordinary table look really interesting. In context of centerpieces, candles and flowers prove to be the most popular choices. In case you are looking forward to adorning your table with candles, let us offer you the choice of a bundt cake candle, which can be made easily at home and looks quite charming as well. Go through the following lines and know how to make a bundt cake candle.
Making Your Own Bundt Cake Candles
Supplies Needed
  • Bundt Cake Mold
  • Double Boiler
  • 4-5 lbs Candle Wax
  • Four Candle Wicks (pre-waxed and wired wicks with wick clips)
  • Mold Release Spray or Cooking Spray
  • Mold Sealing Wax or Modeling Clay
  • Brown and White Crayon Pieces
  • Drill or Awl
  • Knife
  • Oven Mitts
  • Wax Paper
  • Candle Fragrance (optional)
  • First of all, you need to make the candle mould. For the purpose, place the pan on your work surface, with the rounded side up. Now, choose four equidistant points on the mold, where you would like to have the candle wicks. Making use of a drill or awl, punch holes through the points.
  • After you have made the mould for the candle, it is the time to prepare the same. Thread a wick through each one of the holes in the mould, making sure to keep the wick clip inside the mould and have only an inch or so of the wick sticking out.
  • Once the wick has been ensconced in its position, use some mold sealing wax or modeling clay around it, to keep it in place and avoid the possibility of the wax leaking from the mould. Now, turn the mould, having the open side facing up, and place it on a bowl. Spray mold release spray or cooking oil inside it.
  • The next step will comprise of melting the wax. For the purpose, you need to assemble your double boiler and place the wax inside it, after cutting it into small pieces. Use medium heat to melt the wax and then put brown crayons in the boiler, to add color. After the crayons have been melted and you have got the desired color, add fragrance, if desired.
  • Remove the double boiler from the stove, making sure to either wear oven mitts beforehand or use pot holders. Now, carefully pour the wax into the mold and ensure that it reaches the top of the bundt pan. Leave the pan undisturbed overnight, so that the wax cools down completely and becomes hard.
  • Now is the time to remove the candle from the mold. Holding the mould from both the sides, pull it slightly, so as to loosen the candle from the edge. Keep on doing this, until the candle starts coming off from all the sides. Turn the mould upside down. If the candles doesn't slip out easily, use a knife to cut around the inside ring.
  • The final step will comprise of putting the 'icing' on the bundt cake candle. Heat a small amount of wax in the double boiler and add a handful of white crayon pieces to it. After the wax as well as the crayon melts completely, and you have attained the desired color, remove from heat and drizzle the wax over the candle. Allow the bundt cake candle to cool completely, trim the wicks and use it as the centerpiece for your table.

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