Have you been looking for candles that are easy to make and free from discoloring, frosting, flaking and splitting apart? Check this article that guides you in making dazzling homemade soy candles.

How To Make Soy Candles

Soy candles are a hot talk these days. And why shouldn’t they be? They are all-natural, non-toxic, long-lasting and eco-friendly unlike the traditional paraffin candles that emit dangerous gases, the most hazardous of all being carbon dioxide. The best part about soy candles is that they can be easily created at home. With just a few ingredients, you can make decorative, aromatic and inexpensive soy candles. Although some might find making soy candles a little more hectic than those usual paraffin wax candles, it’s worth taking the efforts as soy candles can be molded into any shape and with a little detailing and hand-decoration, you can be sure to come out with an exceptionally beautiful piece of art. Though you will be surprised to see the mess that you have created around you while making soy candles, the vibrant and colorful soy candles that you finally get would be worth it, isn’t it? Learn how to make soy candles at home by following the recipe given herein.
Making Homemade Soy Candles
Tools & Materials Required
  • 1 lb Soy Wax Flakes
  • Double Boiler
  • Thermometer
  • Candle Dye (assorted colors)
  • UV-Inhibitor
  • Fragrance Oil
  • Soy Votive Molds
  • Candle Wicks
  • Votive Holders
  • Wire Whisk
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Large Glass Measuring Cup
  • Attach the thermometer to the side of the double boiler.
  • Add the soy wax flakes and melt them till the temperature reaches 175 degrees F. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed this as the wax will then burst into flames.
  • Add the candle dye gradually till you get your desired color. For every pound of wax, you will have to add 12 drops of the dye.
  • Stir the dye till it has completely blended with the wax. Use a wired whisk for best results.
  • In case you would be placing your candles in a location where they would be exposed to the sunlight, add a UV-inhibitor to protect them from florescent light and sunlight.
  • Add fragrance oil to the wax. Use 1½ oz of fragrance oil for each pound of melted wax. Stir well to blend the fragrance evenly with the wax.
  • Reduce the flame such that the thermometer now reads 150 degrees F.
  • Your soy votive molds should be at room temperature or a little warm, failing which the hot soy wax will cause drag lines along the cool votive molds, which will be noticeable after the wax has cooled down.
  • To slightly warm the votive molds, place them on a cookie sheet and heat them in the oven for around 10 minutes on low temperature. Leave them in the oven, until you are done with the candle wax.
  • Pour the melted soy wax into votive molds using a large glass measuring cup up to the brim.
  • Prepare the wicks, while the wax is settling down.
  • When you notice a skin layer on top of the candle, insert the wick carefully by holding onto its tip and pushing it through the skin developed in the wax. Make sure to keep the wick as straight as possible.  
  • Follow this procedure till you done with the remaining soy wax and votive molds.
  • Leave the candles aside for at least four hours to let the wax cool down completely.
  • Once set, carefully pull out the candles from the votive molds by grabbing the wick and gently pulling the candle upwards.
  • You are ready with your beautiful scented soy candles. These can be lit after two days.
  • Never use food coloring, crayons or paints for dying candles. Not only will the wick be clogged, but also the candle will burn out quickly.
  • You are likely to notice a hole in the center of the candles through which you had passed the wick. In order to mend this problem, pass a hot flame over the candles and allow the heat to melt the wax around the hole in order to fill the gap. 

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