Easter gifts mostly revolve around its two symbols - Easter bunny and Easter eggs. In this article, we have provided some of the best, fun Easter gift ideas.

Fun Easter Gifts

One of the most popular Christian festivals Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after His crucification. Traditionally, the festival is believed to herald the advent of the spring season festival, symbolizing rebirth and a new beginning. Easter doesn’t have a specific date and falls somewhere around March/April and is marked with lot of festivities and parties. Easter is not only a festival of traditions but it is a festival to renew hopes and faiths, which can fill any, heart with joy and uplifts the spirits. Easter bunny and Easter eggs are the two most significant symbols of the festival and most of the gifts exchanged during this time revolve around them only. Actually, it is customary to give Easter gifts. In case you have also been invited to some parties and are looking for some gifts ideas for the same, then the following lines will prove handy. Read on and explore some fun Easter gifts for children as well as adults.
 Best Easter Gift Ideas
Easter "Feast" Basket
Easter basket is one of the best and easiest gift. The best thing about Easter feast basket is that it can be gifted to people of any age group. All you need is a basket and the stuffs which you would like to keep in that. You can choose according to the age group. However, some of the things, which can be kept in the basket regardless of the age group to which you are gifting, are scrumptious pastries, smoked salmon pate, crackers, brambleberry preserves, cream-filled candy eggs, muffins, champagne, cheese, and solid chocolate eggs. You can decorate the basket according to the theme of Easter. You could make bunny basket, nature basket, color basket (in the favorite color of the recipient), toy basket, flower basket etc. Easter basket, with eggs and bunny-shaped cookies also make a good option for gifting.
Bunny Cake
If you are planning to go easy on the pocket and yet gift something worthwhile, nothing can compare the taste of a bunny cake. If you are a good cook, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. Just bake a chocolate or any other flavored cake in bunny shape, pack it in a bunny shape box and add a bow to it and your gift is ready.
A Bouquet of Easter Lilies/ Easter Orchid Plants
This makes a great gift especially for a woman. If you have a girlfriend or wife who loves flowers then this Easter, gift them the present of nature. Easter lilies, orchids and any other flower bouquet makes a great option for gift and you can never fail in impressing your lady.
Easter Bunny Vase
If you want to gift your friends and family something cute this Easter, nothing could be cuter than the Easter bunny vase. As the Easter, herald the springtime, which is aurora season and everywhere you see flowers blooming, birds chirping and singing, and warmth even in the weather. What better way to welcome Easter than by a gift of nature. Easter bunny vase is just that, a vase in the shape of bunny. It can either be made at home or can be purchased. Regardless of whether you are buying your bunny vase or making it at home, you can add seeds of flowers in the vase and decorate it with fresh flowers.
Bunny Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
If you are invited to a party and don’t know what gift to take, the best bet for you would be bunny salt and pepper shaker set. It is easily available in the market and is very economical too. Just check online or head to your nearest shop and take your pick. However, don’t forget to wrap your gift in a bunny printed gift paper.
Bunny Candle Holder
Bunny candleholder is a great gift for Easter and can be even made at home. You can use either ceramic powder for making the bunny and then paste it to a crystal candleholder or you can use an old candleholder for making the bunny candle holder. After you have taken an old candleholder preferably of metal, make a loose paste of ceramic, white glue and a little bit of water. Cover the candleholder with the ceramic paste and after letting it completely dry; color it with oil paint completely. Now make dough from the same mixture of glue and ceramic. After you have kneaded the dough, make the shape of a bunny from it and let it dry. Paint it once it has dried and paste it over the candleholder. Your bunny candleholder is ready to be gifted.
Easter Cookie Decorating Set
If you want your gift recipient cooking turn into adventurous and special every day, then you can gift them cookie and decorating set. With the help of an Easter cookie decorating set, the cooking will not only be delicious but also would become a treat to the eyes. You can check various websites like chefgadget.com, timepassagesnostalgia.com, CopperGifts.com, kitchenclique.com, bakingshop.com, Amazon Marketplace etc.
Easter Cookie Cutters
If you are gifting a person who loves cooking, then there could be no better gift than cookie cutters for them. Depending on your budget, select a cookie cutter that would not only lure your recipient but also remind him/her of you every time when they make cookies. Themed cookie cutters are also available in the market such as spring themed cookie cutter, Easter themed cookie cutter, which gives shapes such as eggs, flowers, butterflies, flowers, bunnies, etc to the cookies.
Chocolate Bunnies/ Egg-shaped Chocolates
If the person whom you are gifting is sweet toothed then the best gift for them this Easter would be chocolate bunnies or egg shaped chocolates. They are widely available in the market and can be purchased easily.
Set Of Glass Votives
Glass votive is also a good gift especially if you are gifting an office colleague or far-off relatives. It looks elegant and makes a safe and sophisticated item for a gift. You can also gift colorful votive scented candles. You can also gift unscented votive candles if you want to imply religious insinuation.
Personalized Easter Wreaths
Even Easter wreaths make great gift especially if they are homemade. Gift your neighbors and friends personalized Easter wreaths this Easter and spread joy and happiness through it.

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