The best way to cut-down the time spent in the kitchen in baking cookies is to exchange them at a party. Explore the ideas given in this article and know how to have a cookie exchange party.

How To Have A Cookie Party

The holiday season of Christmas is full of fun and exciting party nights. All through the season, people involve themselves in hosting and attending parties and social gatherings. It is the time when multitude of cookies and cakes are baked at almost every kitchen. If you want to cut-down the amount of time spent in baking the cookies at your home, arrange a cookie party at your home, where you can exchange them with your guests. With these ideas, you will know how to have a fun filled cookie party.
Cookie Exchange Party Ideas
Figure out the number of people you want to invite. Send out invitations a week prior to the party. Print party information, including the date, time and venue, on recipe cards. Include information on how many cookies the guests should bring, in the invitation itself. You may either send out the invitations via e-mail or by post. Sending sms is another nice idea to invite people to informal occasions, like the cookie exchange party.
Minimum amount of festive decorations is sufficient for the party room to look attractive. Hang a welcome banner on the entrance. For this occasion, you need to concentrate more on the accommodation of your guests and the cookies they bring with them. Spread a festive cloth on a large table and set out the cookies in a large basket, tray or plate. Place an extra platter on the table, for the cookies that will be served to your guests during the party.
The exchange of cookies is the main activity of the party. Each guest should bring at least two dozens cookies. Set the mood for the party by playing music in the background. Let the guests swap their cookies and recipes with others, before or after having the food. Make the cookie exchange interesting by organizing one or two party games like “What Is In The Cookie Jar?” or “Cookies For Santa”.
Keep the food simple. Serve refreshments like finger chips, sandwiches, pizzas, along with beverages like egg-nog or hot mulled cider. You can also go for coffee, tea and fruit juices. Inclusion of red or white wine and champagne in the menu is another good idea.

Distribute party favors to your guests when the party is about to culminate. You can give candy canes, small gifts neatly wrapped in colorful papers and even gourmet gift baskets as the party favors. Supply plastic bags or containers to your guests, to store the cookies and take them home.

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