Shells can make beautiful home embellishments. Read more to find how to make seashell craft wreaths.

How To Make Seashell Craft Wreath

Seashells are loved and adored by many. Beach vacations are just incomplete, without collecting those beautiful seashells of attractive shapes and sizes. Shells can make most natural and stunning home embellishments. You can use these seashells to create a variety of craft items starting from wreaths, shell mirrors, flowerpots, and treasure box! The list is simply endless. Show your love for beaches by greeting your guests with a seashell wreath. The seashell wreath is just perfect for front door decoration during the summers. Not just limited to front door, you can use this wreath in your living room or even hang in the bathroom. What more when you can make seashell wreath at home! With variety of shapes, sizes and colors of seashells available, you can make attractive seashell wreaths. Making attractive seashell wreaths is a few minutes job, which lasts for lifetime. Add starfish and sand dollars to your seashell wreath and have your little seascape ready! Here are a few seashell wreath crafts, which will help you in making those beautiful decorations for your home. 
Seashell Craft Wreath Ideas 
Winter White Seashell Wreath 
What You Will Need 
  • White spray paint
  • White or cream sea shells
  • Wire-edged ribbon with a white pattern
  • Hot glue gun
  • White or opalescent glitter
  • White berry sprigs
  • Vine wreath frame
  • Scissors 
How To Make 
  • Start with spraying white spray paint over the vine wreath frame. Ensure that you paint every angle of the vine frame to give it a finished look. If you are using a frame made of light colored vines then it can be good idea to leave its natural color as such for a more appealing look.
  • While the paint is still wet, dust the frame lightly with glitter. The glitter will give your wreath a gleaming winter snow look.
  • Make sure the paint has dried properly before going ahead with other steps.
  • Now, it’s time to glue the shells around the wreath frame. Leave top, right, and left of the frame clear, and use only the rest two-third of the frame. This will give the idea of seashell basket. To ensure that shells are fixed to the wreath, use plenty of craft glue.
  • Next, overlap the shells with more shells in such a way that the wreath underneath them is not visible.
  • Now, add white berry sprigs at the end of the areas covered with shells. This will give a touch of wintery look to your wreath.
  • Now, tie a bow at the top of the wreath. Use wire edged ribbon to help the bow hold its shape. Make sure that you cut the ends of the ribbon once the bow is complete.
  • Your winter white seashell wreath is ready! 

Decorative Seashell Wreath 

What You Will Need 
  • Long piece of white netting material
  • Styrofoam wreath of desired size
  • Plaster of Paris castings
  • Acrylic paint ( tan and white color)
  • Collected seashells
  • Hot glue gun
  • Rope
  • Paint brushes 
How To Make 
  • Start by wrapping the entire wreath by netting until the whole wreath is covered. Fasten the beginning by using hot glue, if it doesn’t hold.
  • When the last wrap is around, let the netting come from behind the top and hang it in front of wreath at an approximate length of about 12 inches.
  • Knot the ends together and cut the rest.
  • Now, paint the plaster of paris pieces into tan color and let them dry.
  • To give them a worn look, dry brush the white paint on to the pieces.
  • Now, knot a longer piece of rope in several places to make it resemble a seaman’s rope. Fasten one end of the rope on the top of the backside of the wreath, bringing it over to the netting in front.
  • Next, wrap the rope once around the right side of the wreath and once more bring it over the netting in front. Let the other end hang.
  • Now glue seashells and pieces of plaster of paris on your wreath and rope, making an attractive pattern. Use glue and hot glue gun for this.  

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