Paper Mache Craft is easy to make and moreover, it is cheap and eco-friendly. To know how to make Paper Mache, check out great recipes for Paper Mache.

How To Make Paper Mache

Paper Mache, also called Papier Mache, is an amazing crafting technique that helps to make beautiful and creative crafts, and that too, eco-friendly and inexpensive. Without any doubt, this art form is just perfect for people of every age group. Masks, bowls, decorative pieces, wall-hangings, piñatas or any and every other thing, your mind can think of, can be made by using versatile technique of Paper Mache. Innovative and creative ideas can do wonders in Paper Mache recipes. Possibly, the task might take some days to complete because time would be required to dry each layer of paper. To start any project, Paper Mache Glue and Form are the essentials. Further you would be requiring newspapers, beads, glitters, poster paints and paint brushes on the whole.
Paper Mache Glue
Paper Mache Glue is easy to make, though you can find many recipes for it. Try out some recipes and use what you find the best.
  • You can take three-fourth white glue and one-fourth water to serve you as glue for Paper Mache.
  • Another recipe would just employ liquid starch at full strength to act like superglue.
  • One widely used recipe of Paper Mache Glue is made with flour. In this, you have to cook one part of flour in five parts of water. Boil the mixture on low roll for about three to four minutes and add one or two teaspoons of salt to it. Stir the mixture constantly to avoid lumps, and let it cool at the room temperature. The glue is ready to use.
Paper Mache Forms
The form makes the base of any Paper Mache craft. For this, you can use whatever thing, be it a balloon, cardboard box, Styrofoam ball or any other shape. If you want to craft some particular shape like that of an animal or a person, bring into play masking tape, pieces of cardboard or Styrofoam to make your form.
Paper Mache Basics
By now, you must be having your Paper Mache glue and form. Here is a list of some other materials that you will require to shape your crafts.
  • Tissue paper, beads and glitter
  • Newspaper Strips/ Gift Wrap/ brown paper bags (torn about 1 inch wide and six inches long)
  • Poster colors
  • Paint brushes
While working on any project of Paper Mache, there are some basic instructions that one must follow during the craft making.
  • At a time, work on a single strip of paper. Immerse the paper strip into the glue and soak it from both the sides. Use your fingers and get rid of the excess glue. Place the strip carefully on your form, leveling it with your hands. Keep a gentle hand while doing this, otherwise paper will get torn.
  • Add more paper strips to the form, somewhat overlapping each other as you continue doing this. Once the form is fully covered with strips of paper, keep it aside for one whole day and allow the glue to dry.
  • Repeat the above-mentioned steps for two times so that you have no less than three layers of paper on your form. Before applying another layer of paper, always let the glue to dry for 24 hours. Carry on the practice until you get the preferred thickness of Paper Mache.
  • As and when you finish the layering process and the glue gets absolutely dry, use poster colors and brushes to paint your figure. Yet again, keep the project aside to let the paint dry and then, utilize tissue paper, beads, glitter or other items to decorate your craft figure.  
  • In case you want to hang your creation, bring into use a strong needle and fishing line to strike small holes at the top for hanging.

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