Making a baby shower corsage for the mother is a wonderful way of making her feel special and beautiful. Here are some tips on how to make baby shower corsages.

How To Make A Baby Shower Corsage?

A baby shower party is a wonderful way to honor the advent of a child into the family, and also to welcome the mother into the world of motherhood. Corsages look really cute and beautiful, and are versatile too. Besides, you can also match them to the theme of your party. Whilst you can always pick a corsage up from a store, it can never compare to the loving gesture of making one yourself. Even the cost pales in comparison to the efforts of a lovingly handmade corsage. In addition to it, a handmade corsage has many more benefits. Making a corsage at home is always a lot cheaper, and hence, easy on your pocket. So, if you are also planning to give corsages to guests as shower favors then making them at home is always a better choice. To top it adding a personal touch to the corsages never fails to earn the appreciation of the mother and the guests too. What’s more, making these beauties isn’t a hard task either. All you need is some imagination and creativity. There are countless ways to make these cuties. Here are a few ideas and step-by-step instructions on how to make a baby corsage at home. All of them are very easy and you’ll love them as will the people for whom they are meant. They’ll make great mementoes. 
Baby Shower Corsage Making Tips 

Pacifier Corsage

You Will Need
  • A Large bow
  • An assortment of pacifiers
  • Matching curly ribbons
  • Diaper pin
  • Scissors 
How To Make
  • Take each pacifier and tie a bow to it using a matching curly ribbon. Ensure that the pacifiers are not tied too tightly.
  • Use the scissors to curl each piece of the ribbon.
  • Now, attach the curly ribbons of different colors and lengths to the bow.
  • Finally, with the help of diaper pins you can pin the corsage to the mother and/or the guests. 
Baby Toy Corsage
You Will Need
  •  2-3 small baby toys like rattles, teething rings, etc.
  • Lace
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Diaper pin 
How To Make It 
  • Using a hot glue gun decorate the baby toys with lace.
  • Then attach the toys together using the hot glue gun.
  • Make a pretty bow with the ribbon and attach it to the base of the corsage using the glue.
  • Now attach the diaper pin at the back of the corsage.
  • Your cute little baby toy corsage is ready. 
Little Baby Shower Corsage
You Will Need
  • 1 large white lily
  • A package of florist's wire
  • 2 small cuttings of baby ivy vines
  • A length of pretty ribbon for a bow
  • A pin to hold the corsage 
How To Make It 
  • Cut the lily stem so that it has only 2 to 3 inches of it sticking out.
  • Now, using the florists wire pack the ivy vine with the lily so that it gives a full volume look.
  • Again, on each side of the lily, tie an ivy vine.
  • Next, tie a nice-looking bow with the ribbon.
  • And finally use a pin to affix this dainty little corsage to the blouse or coat lapel.
Funny Baby Shower Corsage
You Will Need 
  • A tiny packet of baby wipes.
  • A clothespin
  • Ribbon for little bows
  • A pin to fasten the baby shower corsage
How To Make It 
  • Pull a few baby wipes through the package opening rearranging them like a flower.
  • Now, fix a clothespin to the package of wipes, so that the mommy can reach it right away whenever she needs the wipes.
  • You can make it colorful by attaching curly ribbons of different length to it.
  • Just pin this to a new mother’s blouse. 

Baby Sock Corsage

You Will Need
  • 4-6 baby socks in a variety of colors
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Ribbon
  • Diaper pin
  • Pencil
How To Make It
  • Place the baby sock flat in front of you.
  • Now, fold the toe of the sock upward at a slight angle.
  • Make two more such rolls leaving a bit of unrolled sock at the opening. This will be the bud.
  • Now, fold the opening of the sock inside out so as to envelop the whole bud. Reverse fold the sock lacing to give your rose a frillier look.
  • Next, using the pipe cleaner twist it around the base of the bud to secure it.
  • Join several similar buds to make the corsage and bundle them together by twisting the pie cleaner around them. Use a pencil to coil the end of the pipe cleaner.
  • Make a bow with the ribbon and fix it with a curly ribbon to the base of the corsage.
  • Use a diaper pin to pin it on the dress of the would-be-mother.

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