Cherish the memories of your good old days and your favorite people together in a scrapbook. Read to find out more on family tree scrapbook.

How To Make A Scrapbook Family Tree

“Happy is the man who recalls his ancestors with pride and realized that fate has linked him with a race of goodly men.” - Goethe. Every Christmas you meet up with your family your old uncles, aunts, your cousins, and reminisce about your ‘good old days’. You try to absorb those lovely memories into the Polaroid and might have collected quite a number of photographs. Whenever you see that torn photo of your grandmother cooking, you remember her. Every photograph will have a story of its own to tell. The perfect place to exhibit and preserve your precious family photos, heirlooms, and memories is a family tree scrapbook. It is the most exquisite way to document one’s family’s history and will be a lasting gift for the generations to come. It might be a time taking task going for a treasure hunt for your dusty old photos, scrapbooking can be fun filled. Your scrapbook will tell a tale of your family. Find how you can rewrite your family tale by making a family tree scrapbook.
Making Scrapbook Family Tree 
Before you plan to make a scrapbook of your family tree, you need to do some preparations beforehand. Your scrapbook must be a revisit to your family history, for which you need to find out the basic information to feed your family tree data. 

Gather The Information
Make a list of the people that make your family tree. Make a note of the relationships, places they lived or were important to them, important dates, noticeable events that took place. You can gather these information by a little bit of research work from your part. You can find the relevant information from old photo albums, documents, certificates etc. 

Scrapbook Family Tree
Things You Need
  • A photo album (post bound, expandable spine and 3 ring album)
  • Print out of a tree
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Color pens
  • Satin ribbon
  • Tree embellishments 
How To Make 
  • Select the necessary photos that you want to paste on your scrapbook.
  • You can give a new look to the photos by cropping , coloring or matting them.
  • Plan a layout for your scrapbook, best would be that of a tree.
  • Take a huge print out of a tree and paste it on to the scrapbook. You can decorate the tree with embellishments of foam apples, peaches and other fruits and leaves.
  • Start gluing the photos of your grandmas’ and grandpas on the top of the tree.
  • Paste the photo of your mother under her parents’ photos and your father’s under his.
  • Remember to leave enough space for titles, journal, and embellishments.
  • Paste the photos of their respective siblings alongside.
  • You can stop the first family tree with the photos of your cousins and you.
  • Take the next page; portray another family tree, which includes you, your spouse, and the relatives.
  • Continue making family trees until everyone in the family finds a place in your memorabilia.
  • Make a small satin ribbon bow to paste it over the top of each portrait.
  • Use color pens to draw borders for each portraits.
  • Write titles for every portrait, you can even mention the time and date of the incidence.
  • You can paste photos of important events adjacent to people associated with it.

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