Having a tough time searching for a birthday present for baby’s first birthday? Check out this article for some cool and creative ideas for 1st birthday gifts.

Gifts For First Birthday

A newborn’s first year is about to end and was filled with milestones, laughter and surprises. The parents have made all efforts to bring up their baby with love, care, and affection. The baby now turns one and enters yet another phase of life. The family and friends are eager to celebrate the little bundle of joy’s first birthday with a grand affair. And you are one of the guests invited to attend this momentous occasion. Choosing a gift for the soon-to-turn one-year old is the obvious question that is baffling you now. After all, it has to be a unique and creative gift. With many family members and friends turning up, clothes and toys would be a common sight. Instead, go for a personalized or customized gift that will serve as a true keepsake for lifelong. To find some cool and innovative gifts for the baby’s 1st birthday, scroll down.
First Birthday Gift
First Birthday Cake Playset
As the baby celebrates its first birthday, let it enjoy the pleasures and joys of the most crucial period of its life, toddlerhood. As the baby unzips the playset, it will be amused to reveal creative items within, such as musical and squeaky toys, party hats, ice cream sundae, and a wrapped present. Further, the photo pocket is the perfect way to reserve a keepsake picture of the baby’s first birthday.
Gift Cards
Can’t think of any gift to present the baby? Gift vouchers of any children’s store is an ideal option for parents and the baby. This way, the mom and dad can get what exactly the baby is looking out for. Though this may not be the coolest gift, they work well in situations to show that you haven’t completely forgotten the occasion, at least. Personalize the gift by purchasing gift cards from specialty baby retailers rather than picking up from bigger chain stores.
Personalized Clothes
Though you will find people pouring in with lots of clothes, bodysuits, bibs, blankets, caps, and T-shirts for the one-year old, take a step ahead by personalizing them before you present to the baby. Get the baby’s name or age embroidered on the front of the clothes. You can either order specially labeled clothes or purchase readily available items from retail stores depicting the age of the baby.
Toddler Band Set
Now that the baby has completed its first year and enters toddlerhood, giving a creative and artistic gift, like a toddler band set, would be highly appreciated and liked by the baby. Babies are inspired by music as it is one of the greatest sources of brain development. The band set contains different musical instruments sparking an interest of music and rhythm in babies. Further, the different instruments will keep the baby engaged for hours exploring them and various musical tones.
Bath Toys & Accessories
The baby will soon be transferred from the baby tub to the “big boy/girl” tub. Make bath time fun and enjoying for the baby by gifting colorful bath-time toys, thereby enhancing and developing sensory organs. To complete the bath set, add in fun bubble bath and cozy towels. Don’t forget the water toys for all the fun.

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