Making balloon animals for children is a fun and interesting project. Go through the article to know how to make balloon animals at home.

How To Make Balloon Animals

All through the years, the figures made by using balloons have been favorite toys to play with, for children of all ages – from toddlers to school going kids. Let it be flowers, ray gun, sword or animals and birds - like horse, monkey, rooster and chicken, making these balloon toys is very easy. A little bit of twisting techniques, a colorful balloon and a permanent marker is all that is required to make beautiful balloon animals. Go through the following lines and learn all about making balloon animals at home.
How To Make Balloon Animals 
  • Take a long balloon, of 260-size, of your favorite color. Place your index finger and thumb at two to three inches from the tail end of the balloon, the one without the opening. Press them together and start inflating the balloon, leaving enough space for tying a knot.
  • Grab about 3 inches of the balloon from the end where you have tied the knot. Now, twist it 2 to 3 times so that it gets the shape of a nose bubble.
  • Again grab about 3 inches of the balloon, below the nose bubble, and twist it the same way. This will create one ear bubble. Create another bubble below the ear bubble, following the same procedure.
  • Hold on to all the three bubbles, so that they remain twisted.
  • Fold the balloon between the ear bubbles and twist thrice at the nose joint. By doing this, your balloon will look like a figure that has two ears, a nose and a long body.
  • Grab about 4 inches of the balloon to make the neck. Twist it and hold this position for a minute.
  • In order to make the front legs, create two more three-inch bubbles by twisting the balloon. Hold all of the bubbles, so that they remain twisted.
  • Make a fold between the front legs and twist thrice at the neck joint. By doing this, your balloon will look like a figure that has a head – with two ears, a nose, neck - and front legs, with a long body.
  • Grab the balloon long enough, so that it makes the body. Twist the balloon and hold the position.
  • Create two more legs by doing the process, as you did to make the front legs.
  • Now, fold and twist the hip joint thrice.
  • Make smiley face on the animal using a permanent marker.
  • Your balloon animal is ready! 
  • Make sure that the balloon is of good quality, which can withstand all the twists and folds.
  • Store the balloon animal in an air tight container, so that it remains inflated for a long time.
  • If you can’t inflate the balloon by your mouth, make use of the hand pump available in toy stores. Inflating the balloon using a hand pump is hygienic as well.

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