It is very necessary to know the correct way of eating caviar if you want to enjoy its taste. In the article, we will tell you how to eat caviar in the right way.

How To Eat Caviar

Caviar is the term used in context of processed, salted roe (fully ripe internal ovaries or egg masses) of certain species of fish. Considered as a delicacy across the world, it is mainly derived from two different types of fish - sturgeon and salmon. While the former produces black caviar, the latter gives out red caviar. The subtle and delicate taste and exorbitantly high price of caviar has made it a delicacy enjoyed by the rich and affluent. This has also resulted in great emphasis on the correct way of eating caviar. If you want to know how to eat caviar in the right way, go through the lines below.
How To Eat Caviar 
  • The true connoisseurs of caviar believe that the best way to eat it is simply, without any additions. In fact, they consider garnish to adversely affect the taste of caviar. However. if you find the taste of caviar to be overpowering, there are a certain additions that you can go with.
  • At any given time, you should not take more than 1, at the max 2, teaspoons of caviar in your plate. It is considered rude or incorrect to take large portions of caviar at a single time, especially at a social gathering.
  • If case you do not want to ear plain caviar, you can try it over dry or lightly buttered toast points or unsalted, bland crackers. You can also squeeze a drop of fresh lemon juice on top, if you want.
  • Cream is considered to be a good garnish for caviar. You can start off with creme fraiche on the side and then add a small dollop of cream on top of the caviar. You can also try adding a small lemon squeeze.
  • Crumbled, hard-boiled eggs and chopped onions are the other garnish options for caviar.
  • You can go the traditional Russian way and eat caviar on whole-wheat pancakes (blini), with a dab of sour cream.
  • Another thing that you need to remember while having caviar is that it goes best with ice-cold vodka. However, these days, people have also started having champagne and chilled white wine with it.
  • Caviar is never ever eaten with a silver or stainless steel spoon, as they can distort its taste. While the traditional way is to use a mother-of-pearl or gold spoon, you can go for one made of horn, wood or glass. Though plastic is also acceptable, it looks very gauche and should be avoided.
  • Caviar should always be served in a crystal, glass or porcelain bowl, that too on a bed of crushed ice. Again, silver and steel serving bowls are a big no-no.

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