Eating a persimmon endows you with a number of health benefits. In this article, we have provided instructions on how to eat persimmons fruit.

How To Eat Persimmons Fruit

Persimmon is the name of a delicious and very nutritious fruit, which is light yellow-orange to dark red-orange in color. The size of the fruit ranges from 1.5-9.0 cm (0.5-4.0 in) in diameter, with the shapes being spherical, acorn-like, or pumpkin-like. Persimmon, though very tasty, is not much popular, mainly because of the reason that only few people know how to eat it. For the benefit of the larger section of people, we have provided information on how to eat persimmons fruit, in the lines below.
Eating A Persimmon
Items Needed 
  • Fuyu Persimmon
  • Hachiya Persimmon
  • Sharp Knife
  • Cutting Board 
Instructions (Basic) 
  • First of all, you need to pick ripe persimmons from the tree or the market.
  • Fuyu persimmon is crisp when ripe, while Hachiyapersimmon will be juicy and soft to the touch.
  • In case your persimmon is not ripe enough to be eaten, put it in a paper bag and store at room temperature.
  • After the fruit ripens, you can store it in the refrigerator.  
Instructions (Fuyu Persimmon) 
  • The first step for eating persimmons will be to wash them thoroughly.
  • Dry the fruit well and remove its leaves.
  • Use a knife to remove the core of the fruit.
  • Now, you can either cut the persimmon into slices or eat it raw. 
Instructions (Hachiya Persimmon) 
  • First of all, wash the persimmons thoroughly.
  • Dry the fruit well and remove its leaves.
  • Take out the core of the fruit.
  • Place the fruit on the cutting board and cut it in half.
  • Remove the seeds from both the halves of the fruit.
  • With the help of a spoon, scoop out the fruit from the skin. 
Some Tips 
  • While buying persimmons, always look for the ones that have undertones of deep red.
  • Always go for the persimmons that are plump and round in shape.
  • Never ever purchase cracked or bruised persimmons or the ones without their green leaves.
  • The ripe persimmons always have smooth and glossy surface.
  • In case you do not want to eat persimmon right away, buy the firm ones. They will ripen by the time you consume them.

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