Fun team building game activities help great deal in generating team spirit amongst people. Read onto know about some fun team building exercises.

Team Building Activities

While working together in a team, all the members need to participate in various activities with team spirit. This is very essential for the successful completion of any project. Moreover, team spirit is very important in any field as man is a social animal and requires fellow-mates for support and assistance. There are many people, who find it difficult to interact and coordinate with others. This in turn hampers their growth as well as the progress of the team. Therefore, practicing some team building game activities will help you to overcome the problem and to have fun together. For some team building exercises, read on.
Fun Team Building Game Activities 
  • Human Knot Breaker - It is a group activity, wherein people stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing each other. Ask each person to lift their right hands and hold someone else's hand, except with the one standing right beside each other. After this, ask the group to untangle the knot, without letting go off any hand. This requires proper coordination amongst all the members of the group.
  • The Name Game - This is a game, wherein one person picks a word and describes himself as a person. However, the word must start with the first letter of their first name. The next person will start with the first person's adjective and name before describing himself. The third person will start with the first two people's adjective and name, and so on. This is a hilarious game, which requires a strong memory. Moreover, it also gives everybody a chance to know each other.
  • Commonalities and Uniquities - Form a group of people and give them two sheets of paper and pencil/pen. The first activity is Commonalities, where the group writes things they have in common. Do not write things that are visible and try to dig deeper into people's personalities. On the second sheet of paper, ask them to record uniquities. This means that each item in the list will correspond to a single person. After this, ask a person, to read out aloud all the communities and uniquities about the members of the group. This will help each other to know better and to strike a good rapport.

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