While words come easy to some, there are few others who have to struggle to get their speech right. Here are some best man wedding speech examples for you. Read the samples and get going.

Best Man Wedding Speech Examples

"You're going to love being married, Gary. It's great you found that one special person you can annoy for the rest of your life." Now, only someone as good as a best man can get away with a chortle by saying something as audaciously funny as this. A best man is seen as the show charmer, who wins his way through every heart, with his adorable speech that is more often an affectionate display of his humorous wit than anything else. Being a best man is honorable. However, remember, honor always comes with the right words and actions. You can’t really afford to fumble something really silly or gross on your best friend’s wedding and get away with it. Therefore, it pays to have a speech handy and use it to your advantage when at stage. A right start and a great content can win you hands on adulation from both the newlyweds and their kins. If you have been chosen as the best man, but have little clue on what to say or do, checking the few samples wedding speeches can help. Read on to pick your lines.
Sample Speeches For Best Man
Best Man Toast to Bride
May this wedding day mark a new beginning for the loving couple, and bring more love, joy and happiness to the two. May she honor her vows and live up to the promises she made and let their relation thrive on a stronger foundation of love and honor, for now and always.
Best Man Toast to Groom
(Groom name) has shown his great taste and wisdom in selecting (bride name) as his bride and his penchant for the best, by selecting me as the best man. Even though I may be the best, today he has proved that it is he who has had the most luck.
Best Man Toast Wedding Guests
I raise a toast to all the people who are here to honor the event and wish the couple good with their gracious presence. I know, it is the love and support of their families and friends that have helped their love to climax to such a beautiful ending. I pray that all of you will continue to cheer the lovely couple with your love and support in the years to come.
Best Man Toast to the Bridesmaid
I lift my glass in honor of our lovely bridesmaid who like a string of pearls hangs on the sides of our beautiful bride. I drink to the love and affection between the gorgeous bridesmaid and the bride and I am curious as to if any of them have any plans for next weekend? Three cheers for our gorgeous dames!
Other Best Man Speech Example
From A Brother      
Of course, I’ve known (bride name) much longer than I’ve known (groom name), and I have been severely warned against revealing too much about her dreadful ex-relationships, her horrible teen attitude, childhood problems with alcohol and the short spell she spent in a Hawaiian jail for drug trafficking. Rather on this occasion, I’ll say that, it’s been a pleasure to see (bride name) up to become an adorable, independent, straightforward person who I know I could trust with anything, even (groom name). So it is an honor to be here today, not just for (groom name), but also for my sister.
From A Father
Having been happily married myself for thirty-two years, I should warn (groom name) that in order to have a blissful married life he should amend his bachelor ways. As he is accustomed to having only himself to answer to in his flat, he will now have to fine-tune to a new system. There will be someone to notice if he leaves his socks on the bedroom floor and it’ll be no use saying, ‘They’re not mine’, as he might have done when he lived with other male sock wearers like myself in the family home. Of course, that cuts both ways. I don’t know whether (bride name) is untidy, but if (groom name) picks up a pair of knickers that are lying about, it’s going to pose a difficult question if (bride name) says, ‘They’re not mine’.

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