Reunions are the best way to bring friends and families together. Read on the fun and entertaining activities that you can chalk out for a reunion.

Reunion Activities

Everyone loves reunions, as it is a good opportunity to relive their past. You get to meet friends you never thought you would meet again; you even get to meet relatives you never thought you would meet again! Reunions are all about meeting people you’ve known and loved, and in most cases it is always a good thing. Years and years of separation, years, and years of being apart can only be put behind when a reunion materializes into a reality. However, not everything about a reunion can be fashioned into a picture perfect event. When all the pleasantries had been exchanged and friendly outbursts had subsided, the gathering might run into an awkward spot. These awkward moments occur when no one knows what to say or what to do and that can spoil the entire spirit of the reunion. To avoid such reunion disasters the best thing to do is to plan out activities that are fun, and add oodles of excitement to the party. Read on for the fun activities that you can chalk out for a reunion, activities that are guaranteed to make the gathering much more fun.
Fun Reunion Activities
Guess Who? 
If you’re planning a reunion, ask everyone to bring a picture of themselves that’s been taken years ago, probably when they were kids or babies even. Then make them put up their pictures on a bulletin board. Gather everyone around the board and give them all a piece of paper, and ask them to write their names on it. Get these names together and pick out any ten, or any other suitable number. Then have a competition of sorts by asking the chosen ten to guess the names of the people whose pictures they see on the board. As people begin to guess, you’ll actually see the ice melt. Don’t forget to announce a gift or a reward for the person who guesses the most number of names correctly. 

The Greed Fest
This is a fun activity that puts the ‘union’ in the ‘reunion’. It’s basically an eating contest, which can revolve around fruits, sandwiches, dosas, doughnuts, etc. The rules are simple and straightforward, you don’t need to be wise to understand how an eating contest works. The person who eats the most wins. Make it more fun by announcing a reward for the winner. Gift the winner loads of whatever food the eating contest was based on. 

Quiz The Lot
It may sound boring, but it’s definitely not. Quiz the gathering, ask them questions about themselves, but don’t be random. Be sure of the questions that you ask. For example, if your question is, ‘Who here has put in ten years of service in the Army?’ – and if no one at the reunion had put in ten years of service in the Army, it’s only going to make you look sheepish. Ask fun questions that will have everyone involved and interested in what’s going on. If you manage to carry this out properly, you’ll notice that ‘quizzing the lot’ wasn’t a bad idea after all. 

Truth And Truth
This activity is just like the game truth and dare, except that there is no dare. It’s all about the truth here. Get everyone together and ask a question, which should be answered by everyone present at the reunion. A fun and engaging question is what you need to come up with to make this game enjoyable. The question should entice the truth, and create peals of laughter in the gathering. It can do wonders to the mood of the reunion, and it’s definitely worth a shot.

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