Two year old kids are smart and full of energy. Explore this article to learn ways to keep them occupied.

Activities For Two Year Olds

Two year old kids are smart, quick at grasping and learning new things. In fact, they are more often than not, a lot cleverer than most people think they are. At the same time however, life for a two year old can be tricky in far more ways. By understanding your toddler well you will be in a better position to choose the toys and activities that are best suited for him. For instance, no two toddlers have the same intelligence quotient or respond and feel the same way. Their choices, cravings and skills differ as each of them is inimitable in his own way. In this tender age, a child’s verbal communication, reflexes, motor movements and coordination are still in their budding period. Conducting definite activities will enhance your child's language and motor skills apart from an all round advancement. You have the option of different activities that you can involve your two-year-old bundle of joy with. Here are a few of them for you to mull on.
Fun Activities For 2 Year Olds
Puppet Activities
You can use puppets to teach your kid about emotions. For instance, you can ask your little one to explain how s/he feels when you introduce them to a puppet that has a smile on its face. Then move onto a puppet that has an annoying or sad face. This will help your kid to describe how they feel.     
Painting And Coloring Activities
Provide paints and colors to the child so that the child can indulge in painting and coloring. In the process of doing this activity, you can talk about the different colors your kid is using and try out with mixing them. For instance, "what will happen if we mix black and red?” You can also have your kid to dip his or her hand in paint and then imprint a paper with their colored hands. Most kids are known to love this art activity. It helps increase their creativity.
Kitchen Utensil Washing
As we all know, kids love to imitate their parents. Get your kid to lend you a helping hand with the dish washing! Your two year old will absolutely love to imitate what you do. However, be careful. The last thing you would want is to have a hurt kid howling away!
Clay Modeling Activities
Clay modeling activities are an excellent way to keep your two-year-old occupied for a very long time. It is fun for your kid because the sheer number of things that can be done with clay or dough is very vast. No matter what your child ends up making, the very joy derived from having the soft squishy clay in the hands is enough to keep the child interested. However do have an eye on the kid. You do not want some of that clay ending up in your child’s mouth.  
Play Tub activities
Do you know any child who does not love playing in water? Playing in water is probably one such activity, which any child loves. You could fill the play tub with some water and make available some plastic toys and containers for your child to play with. You could also make available to your child a favorite doll or soft toy to give a bath in the play tub. Make sure nevertheless to use safe children's soaps. They are available in lots of shapes, including those of animal and cartoon characters. This is a big hit with any kid.

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