Games are the best way to develop leadership qualities in kids. Read below for a few leadership activities for children.

Leadership Games For Kids

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson rings true for all leaders. Go down the pages of record and you would find every leader had changed the course of history, by blazing a path of glory, for others to follow. Leaders venture on the path where others fear to tread. But that does not mean that leadership skills are only used for creating history. Such skills are necessary even in day to day life. Whether at work, school, playground or home, leadership qualities ensure that one stands above the rest and deserves respect. No one is a born leader. Leadership is ingrained in the character through experience and gut-sense. And for this, childhood plays a very dominant role. Childhood is the best teacher of leadership skills. It is the experience of childhood that shapes the future outlook in life. Hence, a kid can be a path-blazing leader later, only when he/she is trained to be one. Unlike education, leadership is a quality that no textbook or classroom can give. This quality can be attained only by acting as one. Now, if you are wondering how to teach your kid leadership skills, know that it is all in play. Playground is the best place where kids can be made to act out as leaders, and to hone their leadership skills. Games, which specifically help the kids to lead one another towards a common goal, i.e. victory, can make them aware and imbibe the success and failure of leaders. However, apart from this, leadership game also teaches children to accept their failures and strive for victory like true leaders. Read the article below for a brief selection of such leadership games.
Leadership Activities For Children
Obstacle Races
This is an interesting game that will attract any kid, who loves adventure and thrills. The game also makes good use of kids’ fitness and stamina. Take the kids to a proper place like fields, running track or park, where there is enough space to run. Then set up a few obstacles in the running path. Now, divide the kids into two teams and make them stand at each of the obstacles. At the start line, give one kid from each team a ball. The player should then run to the first obstacle as fast as he can and pass the ball to the next member, who then runs to the third member and so on. The winner is the team that completes the race first.
Blind & Touch
Separate the kids into two teams. Take one team out of the room and blindfold them. Meanwhile, put several objects, inside the room. Now, bring the blindfolded players inside the room and let each member from the other group pick one blindfolded player. The objective is to lead the blindfolded player and help him/her identify the objects in the room. The trick is that the kid, who is not blindfolded, should not speak. Instead, he/ she should help the other partner through touch. Thus, the kids can build effective leadership skills by successfully leading their blind partners in identifying the objects. After all the blindfolded players have identified or failed to identify the objects, change the objects and blindfold the other team to continue the game.
Knotty Game
Take a 20 inch long rope and select six players from the group. Let all of them hold the rope with one hand. The kids must now tie the rope into a knot without releasing their hold from the rope. The knot can be formed only when all the players work together. Also, the knot would be formed, only when one player leads the group, guiding the other players.  
Football is not only an excellent leadership game, but a great team building activity as well. Players learn how to think strategically and develop skills that will lead their teams to victory. Each player should be assigned a position, so that when the ball comes to that stage, he/ she must lead the team. Since, the captain is the leader, make sure that every kid gets a shot at it.

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