Wondering how to boost self-esteem in your kids? Try out these simple self-esteem games for children and give your child’s confidence a big kick.

Self Esteem Activities For Kids

Being a parent is never easy, but being a kid is worse! The decision to have a child is momentous, but bringing him up, in the right way, can even be a bigger challenge. Kids love to have their ways, what’s worse, parent’s love to have their ways too! The big question for parents is what they want for their kids. Most parents happily unload the baggage of their unfulfilled dreams, their passions and egos on their kids, thereby stripping their children of the ultimate privilege to live and score on their dreams their way, which is gross. Know that as a parent your job is to know your child’s strength and weakness and propel his forces in the right way. So stop judging your child’s worth by his academic and social feats and give his confidence the right wings by acknowledging his worth and abilities. It is important to realize that chafing your kids continuously or burdening his little shoulders with your unfulfilled dreams and unsatiated ego won’t do him any good, but only push him into depression and a life of worthlessness and fill him with resentment and low esteem. Give your kid’s confidence the right boost with these self-esteem activities and see him mature into a confident and smart individual.
Self Esteem Games For Children
The Beanbag Game
Take a large posterboard and draw a 3 x 3 matrix to create your gaming board. Now draw a picture or write an aspect of your child’s life like home, friends, school etc. into each grid and ask your child to toss the beanbag on the board to choose a topic. Urge your kid to say something good and upbeat about himself in relation to the selected topic. For instance, if the beanbag scores on friends, ask your kid to say something positive about his friendly traits, how good he is as a friend and more. Once your child is done, it is your turn to loop the beanbag on the board. Adulate your kid on things that makes you proud of him. The feeling that he has earned your acclaim will surely put his confidence on cloud 9.
The Compliment Game
This compliment game is best suited for kids with personality conflicts. To play this game, you will need a large group of kids. Divide the kids into two teams and hand out a piece of paper to each child, asking them to jot down at least ten positive qualities about their personality and behavior. Collect the folded chits in a box and then read out the observations aloud in front of the kids. This simple activity is a real confidence booster and is sure to leave the little kids feeling good about themselves.
Alligator Pond
This game is high on fun and excitement and is a huge favorite with little children. To play this game you will need a bucket of socks and beanbags. Just toss the socks (alligators) around the room and place the beanbag (frog) in the center. Now ask your children to tiptoe, hop or wend his/her way through these imaginary reptiles and rescue the frog. Don’t forget to pat them on the back once the task is successfully done!
Match Game
This one is pretty simple yet effective! Just split your pair of clean socks and put them in two different baskets. Now place the baskets in two opposite corners of the room. When folding the laundry, ask your child to get you matching pair of socks from both the baskets. Not only will this get him occupied, but will also make him feel useful.

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