Want your little champs to have a blast at your party? Read on to learn about the recreational activities for kids and have lots of fun with them.

Recreational Activities For Kids

Kids are energetic and they require a lot of activities and fun to keep them occupied and under control. You can’t expect kids to sit quietly when you go out on a picnic or on a celebrative occasion. You will have to plan out something new for the kids that can not only rejuvenate them, but also help them enjoy and have a blast. There are a number of recreational activities for kids, which you can organize on any occasion to make the kids have fun. Nevertheless, what one should keep in mind is the safety of the kids. Outdoor fun activities are enjoyable, but any negligence can even cause injury. Therefore, it is advisable for adults to be around the kids when they are playing, or to take part in the game along with the kids, to monitor them closely. Here are some of the fun activities for kids for you to choose from. Read on to know more.

Fun Activities For Kids

Balloon War
The balloon war is one of the most famous of all recreational activities that the kids will enjoy doing. You can plan this activity for a picnic or an outing with the kids. You will have to divide the kids in 4 groups with minimum of 2 members in a group in order to start this game. Make each group stand in 4 different corners and give them coloured balloons to tie on top of their knees. The teams opposite to the other team will have to come in the middle after the count of three and will have to burst the balloons of the other team. The team that manages to burst the maximum number of balloons will be the winner.

Bean Activity
This is a game which along with fun will also educate the kids. This is a number game in which you have to decide the number and tell it to the kids. Pick up many beans in your hand and place your hand behind your back when the game starts. Shift some of the beans to the other palm and then ask the kids individually to guess the number of beans in each hand. The kid taking the maximum amount of time to guess looses the game. This game will teach different combinations to the little one.

Pick Pocketing
Another well-liked recreational activity is the pick pocketing game. To play the game you will have to make the kids stand in a circle with a piece of cloth in their back pockets. At the count of three, the kids need to move or run in a circular motion trying to pick out the piece of cloth from the pocket of the other kid in front of them. The participants can break the circle and run to grab the cloth strip from other participant but without getting caught.

Ghost In The Graveyard
It is a variant of the hide and seek game which the kids will enjoy only if played at night. Unlike in hide and seek, in this game it is the ghost who hides and the other kids will have to count and search for the ghost. The ghost can scare the players in this game and to make the game interesting the players can recite some funny incantations instead of just numbers. The seeker who fails to reach the base point is the one who becomes the next ghost.

Dodge Ball
Dodge ball is a blast among kids and can prove to be the best option to indulge the kids in an outing trip. You need to make two teams and then run around to hit the member of the other team with a soft ball. The person who gets hit is out of the game, but if he or she catches the ball then the player who threw the ball is out.

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