If your kids just love to have a splash, then these water activities for kids is sure to get them high on water and fun. To know more on fun water activities for kids, read on.

Water Activities For Kids

When the mercury is high during summertime, keeping your kids from turning into couch potatoes can be quite a challenge. Hot and humid days are good enough to turn hyper kids into slugs. In that case, bobbing up with cool and refreshing ideas to keep your brood engaged can keep your tykes on their toes. If you are looking for fun activities to beat the heat and pep up some fun, what better way than wet and wild water activities to get your kids on a high. Whether it is about making a splash in the pool or having fun with water guns and slip ‘n’ slides, children are never going to refuse water activities for sure. Just squeeze yourself into a swimsuit, gang up the kids and head for a big splash with some exceedingly fun water activities. And yes, don’t fear getting your hair wet. After all, you can’t have fun by staying away from water. If water activities sounds like fun to your ears, then checking out the following enjoyable water activities for kids should leave you with enough cues on how to get your hair down and get enjoy.
Fun Water Activities For Kids
Water-Balloon Volleyball
Is your child a total water baby and loves his wet-and-wild water balloon fights? If yes, then your kid is absolutely going to love this water activity. To play this game, you will need a bucket full of water balloons, a large volleyball net, towels and two teams of players. Gather the supplies and head for a field or any open area that would allow loads of space for free movement. Make each team take their positions on the opposite sides of the net and hand out one towel to each of the teams. The players will have to hold the balloon on the towel and flip it over the net. The other team should catch the balloon on their towel and bounce it back. The team, which manages to score the balloon for the maximum number of times without dropping it on the ground, is the winner.
Skipping Rope Water Splash
Skipping rope water splash is another fun water activity that is sure to get your kids sprinting with joy! To play this game, you will need a skipping rope, plastic cups and bucket loads of water. Give each child a cup filled with water. Now ask two kids to swing the skipping rope while holding the cups on their other hand. The challenge is to not to let water spill out when swinging the rope. The players who have most water left in their water cups at the end of the game are the winners.
Water Relay
Wish to add some fun to your weekend outings? Gang up all the kids together and split the players into two teams. Get hold of a few plastic cups and large buckets of water. Drill three holes in the plastic cups. Now place one full bucket at one end of the racecourse and an empty bucket at the other end. Ask each player to fill the cup with water from the bucket and then run and drain it in the empty bucket. The team, which fills the bucket first is the winner of the game.
Dodge The Ball
If you are looking to have some wild fun with water, then this is the game for you. Just grab some water balloons and get the entire family lined up in a row. The real challenge of this game is to save oneself from getting hit by the water balloons. The one who gets hit by the balloons is out of the game. What's more, if someone manages to catch the balloon, he can throw it back at the thrower and score bonus points. The person who manages to stay back in the game without being hit is the winner.

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