Like any other organ of our body, the brain also needs exercise for better performance, endurance and longevity. Find some interesting brain games here.

Brain Games For Adults

Have you ever wondered why your hand takes food into your mouth and not to your nose while eating, or why people with Alzheimer’s forget their own name? The answer to both the questions is the same: it's all about the way the brain works! When in one case, it functions well, in the other, it doesn’t. While some researchers say that technology itself is taking an ugly toll on human beings by making them impatient and lazy, some others applaud technology for making human minds and brains that much smarter. Whatever it is, you will be surprised to learn about the various functions that that tangled web of neurons and synapses in the brain performs.

From thinking to itching, the body acts as per the directions of the brain, which makes it more than necessary to keep the brain fit and fine so that every neural interaction gives the right results. Just as exercise is to the body, brain games are to the brain. Exercising the brain with the right amount of intellectual and intelligent stimulation can, in turn, even help your body function more effectively, so as to build the cranial equivalent of biceps or triceps. A well toned brain, after all, can literally help you even with simple reflex-actions such as lifting ‘weights’! Games can be fun always, and if you want to try your hand at brain games, you can find some exciting ones right here. Have some neural fun! 

Interesting Brain Games For Adults
There are different types of brain games, each of which give a certain part of the brain some workout independent of the other parts and functions of the brain. Given here is a classification of such games that can help you improve your various brain activities like thinking, memorizing, problem solving etc.

Thinking Games
Many fail to realize that thinking is a skill, and can be improved by being worked upon. In order to enhance your thinking skills, you have to indulge in activities that will whet your perception abilities and help identify problems while solving puzzles and other similar games. This problem solving can work only by playing, practicing, and, of course, by learning from mistakes. Such games will help you remove obstacles from different problems that you face and help your creativity work. At times, successful problem solving can be the source of great inventions. No wonder great mathematicians were all good thinkers! Thinking games include games such as Sudoku, Logic puzzles, Mechanical puzzles like Rubik’s cube, Chess, etc.

Memory Games
People often start facing memory loss problems as they reach middle age. It can sometimes be from a lack of attention and at other times due to a part of their aging process. In both the cases, memory loss can be a cause of worry when people tend to continuously fail to remember faces, names or other important details. Such memory related problems can be solved to an extent by these memory enhancing games. One such game is mentioned here. Pick any new phone number and try to remember it for 15 minutes, then for an hour, and then for a whole day. You should make it a point that even after a week, you remember that number. Chances of forgetting that number will be scarce! Another game to improve your memory is one which will let you travel down memory lane. Get your oldest photo albums or scrap books for this game and try remembering the instances related to each photo in the album, along with names of the many faces you see there of friends and relatives. It will be both fun as well as helpful in empowering your memory.

IQ Games
Intelligence Quotient or IQ is tested in almost every kind of assessment, be it for a job or an entrance examination. An IQ test measures the intelligence of a person on the basis of the score that he or she gets on the various indicators in the test. There are a number of online games that can help you assess and maybe even raise your IQ levels. You will also get an opportunity to realize your flaws or weaknesses through such tests so that you can work on the weaknesses.

Improving Concentration
Many people find it difficult to concentrate on a single thing for more than a few minutes. Even scientists have agreed to the fact that the normal human brain has got an average of just 20 minutes of attention span. The concentration span decreases with age. This is also the reason why you will take more time to study a new skill once you cross your thirties. There are different games available online to improve your concentration. You can work on fun riddles and puzzles that help you get a hold over your concentration span. Yoga and meditation can also help relax your body and mind and empowering it with the virtues of concentration and will-power, as well.

Language Learning
A great game that will work on memory comprehension, verbal intelligence, creativity and enhance brain capacity in the process is one that uses language play. Language games like Scrabble, Word Power, Word Scramble, Crosswords, etc. help you add to your vocabulary and give an added advantage in building your communication skills. What is more, you could even view the learning of new languages— national or foreign—as offering the same advantages, plus the edge of communication across borders, if you are bitten by the travel bug!

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