Bunny hop dance is a hit amongst people of all ages, especially kids & teens. It you are keen to learn the dance, read the article. Go through the steps given here to learn how to do the bunny hop.

How To Do The Bunny Hop

Certain dances are very popular at social events, weddings and parties. These include the very romantic couple dance, energetic hip-hop and the funny bunny hop. Talking about bunny hop, it is a very easy dance, which can be performed by people of almost all age groups, without acquiring any kind of formal training. As the name suggests, you need to form a group of people, lined up in a queue, and hop around the room of the venue, just like a bunny. The dance is all about synchronization of the steps with the music. Learn how to do the bunny hop, with the steps given in the following lines.
Bunny Hop Dance Steps 
  • First, choose a familiar 'Bunny Hop' song for the dance. It is advisable to play a familiar song, because the dance would be enjoyed thoroughly, only with a known tune. In case you are introducing a new song to your group, play the song time and again, until the people get familiar with the tune, beat and verses of the song.
  • The next step is to make the formation for the dance - it is as simple as forming a long queue! Ask everyone to stand in a queue, either in the increasing or decreasing order of their height. The first person in the queue would be the leader. He/she should know the dance well, so that the group can follow him/her.
  • When the people in the group are all set to perform the dance, it is the time to take the first step. In case you are taking the lead of the group, ask the person standing behind you to place his/her hands on your hips. The person standing behind him/her should follow suit, and so on.
  • Once all the participants in your group have taken their 'positions', play the music. When the beat starts, be ready to do the next step. As the first verse of the song begins, kick your right foot out to your side and tap your heel on the ground with the other foot.
  • All the participants should take their right foot to the original position. The next step is to repeat the same thing, but this time, with the left foot. Now, all the participants need to tap their heel on the ground, a bit higher.
  • As the beat of the song changes, you need to change your foot and this time, kick out twice with your right foot. Repeat the step once more, with the left foot.
  • The next step is to put your feet together and hop forward once. Make sure that everyone in your group does the step with you, simultaneously.
  • Hop forward three times, with the rest of the group following you on the three beats, at the end of the verse. Hop backward thrice, with the rest of the group imitating your step.
  • Keep on hopping forward and backward around the room, alternatively with your group, until the song is over.
  • While hopping with your group, ensure that nobody stays behind. The steps should be coordinated with the beats of the song.
  • Everyone should place his/her hands on the hips of the person standing in front of him/her, to hop around.
  • Make sure that you make use of all the available space in the room, while doing the bunny hop.

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