Bunny Hop dance is a fun party dance. So, if you are ready to hop around on the dance floor like a bunny, read on to know how to perform it. Play the music and get hopping!

Bunny Hop Dance

You don’t necessarily need to be sensual and sophisticated while performing a dance. Even hopping like a bunny rabbit all over the dance floor can be classified as a dance form. Smooth your raised brows and read on to believe it! Yes, the Bunny Hop dance exists and forms a part of novelty dance. This dance is meant to be funny with quirky or unusual steps, just like its name. The credit of creating the Bunny Hop dance goes to the children of Balboa High School of San Francisco, whose performance of this dance in the year 1952, inspired a band leader called Ray Anthony to pen down a Bunny Hop song the very next year. The song went on to become a major hit and the dance performed on this number grew into the party circuits of America in the 50s. The best part of the Bunny Hop song is that the dance instructions are embedded in it, making it really popular among masses. What is even better about it is that the steps are really simple and one does not need any sort of formal training or dancing abilities to get on to the dance floor to perform this dance. Bunny Hop is a truly social dance and a rage at parties, where a large number of people can perform it for fun. Performed by all age groups, it is real fun to see old people, shedding all their inhibitions and hopping on the dance floor like bunnies! This article provides you with step-by-step instruction on how to perform bunny hop dance.
How To Do Bunny Hop
  • As soon as you hear the familiar Bunny Hop song, run to the dance floor along with your chosen group of friends. In case you haven’t heard of the song, better get familiarized with it, before performing the dance.
  • Now go and join the line of dancers on the floor. The person standing at the front of the line is the leader and must know the dance steps really well. If the leader goes wrong in his step, then there would be confusion in the entire dance group. Moreover, it is the leader who ultimately decides how the group is going to move around on the floor.
  • Place both your hands around the hips of the person standing in front of you. The person standing behind you will do the same to you.
  • At the beginning of the verse, first kick your right foot out to your side and place your heel on the ground firmly.
  • Now, kick your right foot out again, this time a bit higher than the previous one and place your heel on the ground after that.
  • Now repeat the same two steps with your left foot. First kick it high and then higher and after both times, place your heel on the ground.
  • After this, place both your foot side by side and hop forward once and then backward coordinating with the rest of the group. Although the steps are really simple, the key to this dance lies in coordination.
  • Now hop forward thrice on the last three beats of the verse along with the rest of the group.
  • Keep repeating these steps until the song ends.
  • Everyone in the line should try to keep up with the beats without anyone falling out of the line. Hold the person in front of you tightly and do not loosen your grip at any point of time.

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