Lap dance is a very sensuous form of dance style. Here we present instructions on how to give a lap dance.

How To Give A Lap Dance

Lap dance is a type of an erotic dance, wherein the spectator is seated while the dancer or the woman performs either in immediate contact with him or very close. This dance is usually practiced in strip clubs by the strippers to seduce the male audience. However, you can give your partner a sexual delight by giving an exclusive lap dance performance in the privacy of your home. With the help of this dance you can not only arouse your partner but can also portray yourself as a Greek goddess emerging right out of his fantasies. The dance is surely very arousing for men, giving you all the control and power! To know how to give a lap dance, read on.
Giving a Lap Dance 
  • First and foremost, explain the rules and regulations to your partner. The basic rule states “Hands Off.” This implies that your partner is not allowed to touch you and if he does, the show is over.
  • The next important thing to do is to think sexy and feel sexy. Make him sit down and relax, while you stand at a distance of around 6 feet in front of him. Put on the music and shake your hips slowly. Dance or steal towards him in a sensuous manner. When you reach close by, place one foot on the floor between his feet and the other on the arm of the chair to lure him.
  • Undulate and circle your hips, while keeping your back arched. Now, gradually bend your knees and go down as low as you can then slowly rise up again.
  • Continue circling your hips and take a gradual turn, using sensual arm movements. Remember, the most important tool is to maintain eye contact with your partner. Make eye contact as you turn and seduce him with your eyes.
  • On the beat of the music, push your chest and bottom out. Slowly, bend over such that your bottom is facing your partner. Slide your hand up your legs.
  • Run your hands slowly and sexually over your hip, stomach and breasts. Rub yourself over the top of your clothing.
  • To make the temperature rise, dance in the space between his legs, putting your hands on his knees. For the climax, push your bosom toward his face and let him smell you. Slowly remove your clothes, caressing your body.

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