Slow dancing can be real fun and romantic. To learn how to slow dance, read the instructions given below.

How To Slow Dance

Slow dance is one of the most romantic dance forms. The graciousness and intimacy the dance provides is simply irresistible and takes one on a fantasy trip. Every one of us must have imagined ourselves grooving on the soft musical notes, arms in arms with our beloved. The sensuous moves of the dance can provide you the ultimate high you would not have experienced before. However, it requires the right kind of attitude, confidence and body language to perform slow dance. Slow dancing is not just about dancing; rather it’s all about romancing. To learn how to slow dance, read the instructions that follow.
Slow Dancing Instructions 
  • Having a partner is of utmost importance for slow dancing. In case you do not have a date, find a suitable partner for dance, someone you are comfortable with.
  • Once the mood is set, escort your partner to the dance floor. Make sure your body language exudes confidence and togetherness.
  • Slowly take positions, looking in each other’s eyes. Stand in front of your partner with your head a foot distance away from the other. You can keep one of your feet in between the feet of your partner for a closer pose.
  • Make sure you are comfortable in your position. A safe position for slow dance is such that man’s left hand is on the woman’s waist, while with his right hand, he gently grasps his partner’s hand. The woman usually keeps her right hand on the shoulder of the man. This is a typical ballroom dancing position.
  • For a closer and more comfortable position, the man can keep both his hands on the woman’s waist while the woman can keep both her hands behind his neck.
  • Usually men lead the dance but it is not always true. Whoever is leading should guide his partner by gently pushing or pulling the hand in the direction he wants his partner to follow.
  • Don’t forget to follow the music. Keeping in sync with the beat of the music is very essential. Usually, the music for slow dance is also quite slow.
  • Slow dance is basically for enjoying the closeness to your partner. It sets a romantic mood and you can even steal a kiss or two, if the situation allows.
  • Do not just leave your partner on the floor after dance. Escort your partner away from the dance floor, to wherever they feel comfortable.
  • After the dance, don’t forget to thank your partner.

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