Grind dancing is the latest trend practiced by the youths at nightclubs. To learn how to grind dance, read the article given below.

Learn How To Grind Dance

Grind dance is yet another style of dancing, which has evolved over the years. If you are a regular visitor at nightclubs, you must be quite familiar with the new trend. Grind dancing is basically dancing in a manner such that the hips of one partner rub with the hips of the other. This is done in tune with the music, rhythmically shaking and swaying your bottom. Both the partners perform the dance in sync with each other, maintaining speed, tempo and movement. Not to forget, as the dance style is quite mischievous, make sure you practice it only at places, where it is acceptable. Also, if you wish to enjoy grind dance with someone other than your partner, make sure you try and make out whether they would prefer it. However, do not ask for it straightaway as it sounds quite contemptible. Grinding is also called freaking and it is notorious for being highly suggestive.  There is a lot of touching and close physical proximity involved in it. You can do it with your friends of opposite gender just for fun but it actually means something else. Doing a grind with someone from opposite gender is an indication to let them know that you are sexually attracted to him/her. It is sort of a wooing dance. Grinding or freaking is usually done on hip-hop songs, the kind of tunes that are peppy, sexually enticing and groovy. There are two types of grinds––front grind and back grind. It is generally back grind what you see people doing in a nightclub as front grind is all the more sexually charged. You have to be very sure that the person you are doing it with wouldn’t mind it. To learn how to grind dance, read the instructions given below.
How to Grind Dance
  • The first and foremost requirement for a grind dance is a partner. If you have your own partner, there is no cause of worry but in case you have to find one then be careful, not everybody likes to grind and so ensure that the person you choose for dancing is comfortable with the idea. Do not just take him/her to the dance floor and start grinding at their back or front. This will make him/her very uncomfortable if they are not settled with the idea of grinding on the dance floor. You must inform your partner that you are interested in doing a grind with him/her. If he/she says no then it is preferable that you do not insist because if it is not someone’s style then it is not. You might offend your partner if you insist.
  • Grind dancing can be practiced on any type of music and does not require much skill or training. Therefore, to get into the mood, dance normally on the music played. Get comfortable with your partner on the dance floor. Do not start grinding as soon as you land on the dance floor. Take the beat of the music in. Grove a little on the tune and let your partner also get adjusted to the atmosphere on the dance floor and get familiarize with the ongoing tune. Smile at him/her while lightly grooving so that your partner eases up.
  • After getting into the mood, it’s time to take positions. The guy should move behind the girl. It is like what we said above, it is probably safer to dance the back grind than the front grind with your partner. Reason being that front grind is very sexual in nature and if this is the first time you are grinding with your partner it is sure to be a very bold first take at grinding with them. You might want to play a bit safe in the beginning. So men are better off grinding behind their women and women can grind with their backs at their men.
  • On taking positions synchronize your movements and speed. The girl should move around the crotch area of the male partner, following a pattern. It is more like swaying in a similar tone. The guy should try and follow the girl’s movement or just slowly rub himself against her. While grinding, be gentle to the girl and don’t be pushy or hard. This will annoy your partner.
  • Gauging the comfort of the girl put your hands on safe positions like her waist or hips. To enjoy to the fullest follow the beat of the music. Keep your movements fast and slow according to the music.
  • Grinding’s strength lies in the hips. Both the genders have to use a lot of hip and pelvic movements, but women especially should use a lot of hip swaying. According to the music beats you should make up your mind in which direction you will move your hips, whether you will move it clockwise or anticlockwise.
  • You must also know how to use your shoulders with your moving bottom. You can pop your shoulders back and forth on the music beat. It will also help you to get a better hip movement.
  • You can also move away from your partner once in a while, while grinding and come back again. But while moving away and coming back, keep moving your body and do not stop. You must look in your partners eyes while doing this and smile. This will make him/her feel very special and you can be an instant hit on the floor.

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