Pole dance is a physical exercise in itself. Learning it can be a fun experience. Go through the steps given in the article and know how to learn pole dancing.

How To Learn Pole Dancing

Gone are the days, when pole dancing was only a performing art, restricted to entertain people at bars and night clubs. Today, it has gone past being merely an art form, turning into a recognized physical exercise, which combines graceful dance steps with the stunts of gymnastics, performed with the help of a pole. More and more people are attending pole dance classes these days, organized by health clubs and gyms. If you are keen to learn the dance form, this article will help you a great deal. Follow the instructions given in the following lines to learn pole dancing. Check out some useful tips for performing the dance as well.
Pole Dance Instructions 
  • Grab the pole, at about the same level as your head. Make use of your strong hand (right hand, if you are right handed and left hand, if you are lefty) for the purpose.
  • Now, position yourself at the back of the pole, with your inside foot close to its base.
  • Straighten your arm (the one with your have grabbed the pole), so that you put less weight on the pole.
  • Move around the pole once. Now, by keeping your outside leg straight, step all the way around the pole. While doing this, you should pivot your inside foot as well. As you turn around, bend your knee slightly.
  • The next step is to position your outside foot down, just behind the other foot. Transfer your body weight to the back foot, while hooking your inside foot around the front of the pole. This way, you will acquire a good grip right behind your knee.
  • Arch your body backwards, only up to your comfort level, to finish off the step. While performing the finishing step, make sure that you have a good grip over the pole. 
  • The pole used for a typical pole dance is made of hollow steel or brass, with circular cross section, running from floor to ceiling. The best way to use a pole for the dance is to affix at the ceiling. However, if you are not able to use the typical pole for the dance, go for the detachable ones.
  • If you have installed a detachable pole at your home, make sure that it has a secure base, so that all the risk of injuring yourself, while performing the dance, is reduced.
  • If you have excelled in the basic dance steps, you can use a spinning pole as a prop. The spinning pole creates better momentum and is the most appropriate for performing the dance at higher speed.
  • Doing warm ups and stretching exercises before performing pole dance is suggested. You should cool down after the performance as well.
  • Wear comfortable and perfect fitting clothes. Make sure that your outfit exposes your arms and legs, because baring your skin will help you acquire a better grip on the pole.
  • Never apply oil, moisturizer or body lotion on your hands or legs before the performance, because such products will make your body parts slippery, which might be hazardous to you.

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